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Tim Tebow Encourages Churches Ministering To Irma Victims

Tim Tebow Encourages Churches Ministering To Irma Victims Read Transcript

KYLE JACKSON: We've actually had eight semi trucks

at this point pull in.

And we are sending those to some of the hardest hit communities

in southwest Florida.

The Lehigh Acres community is four to five feet underwater,

taking boats in, dropping off water at people's homes.

For the next three or four days, we

have some hot meals that we're going to be able to do.

500 to 1,000 hot meals for the communities down there.

And really, the concentration is children,

just because they've been out of school Monday through Friday,

and they really depend on that money at school.

So since they're not in school, we're

trying to get down and feed as many kids

the Dunbar downtown Fort Myers community as possible.

Tim Tebow told Governor Scott I want to go see the people.

So he came to Fort Myers Next Level Church

first, high-fived hugged, and took pictures with volunteers,

spoke to us, and then from there he

left and hit several of the shelters, some of them

special needs shelters as well, and just put arm around people,

kneeled down beside people's blow up after

and spent time with kids and the elderly and the special needs


Our executive team laid hands on him.

And I was privileged to pray for him for just hope and strength

in the midst of all of his travel and the burden

that he carries and even the persecution

that he faces sometimes from the secular world for being

outspoken for Jesus Christ.

The biggest thing I took away from it

is just his heart for people.

So Tim Tebow's the real deal.

And we just want to thank him and Next Level Church

for coming and spending some time with us

and caring for our community.


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