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News on The 700 Club: September 15, 2017

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Well, welcome to the 700 Club.

Florida still has a very long way

to go to recover from Hurricane Irma.

Many homes, a majority of them don't have power

and many are still covered by flood waters.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: That's right.

President Trump is going to see the devastation from Irma

firsthand when he visited Naples yesterday.

CBN's Operation Blessing was also there,

bringing food, water, and other supplies

to those who are in need.

Gary Lane has the story.

GARY LANE: In Fort Myers, the president

praised government responders who acted selflessly

to save lives in the hurricane.

People thought thousands and thousands of people

may have their lives ended.

And the number is a very small number, which

is a great tribute to you.

GARY LANE: Then in Naples, the president and First Lady

received a warm greeting and cheers

as they arrived at Estates Mobile Home Park,

looked over the damage, and listened to residents

tell their stories about what happened during the storm.

Then the president and first lady

served up hoagie sandwiches for lunch.

Let's make America great again.

Come here.

God bless you, sir.

Don't forget to take one.

I got that.

Thank you, sir.

Take another one.

[INAUDIBLE] and good cheer.

Thank you.

GORDON ROBERTSON: The president offered words of assurance

that America won't forget Florida.

I just want to tell you, we are there for you 100%.

I'll be back here numerous times.

This is a state that I know very well, as you understand.

These are special, special people, and we love them.

Thank you.

Floridians were encouraged to see President Trump serving up

meals to the people of Naples.

But perhaps more encouraging was to know that CBN's Operation

Blessing was on the ground here in Florida long before Irma


Before Irma threatened Florida, OB

staged supplies at its distribution warehouse

in Ocala.

As the hurricane's tract became more certain,

trucks were loaded and ready.

Evacuees got help at school shelters.

Partnering with local churches, OB

has already delivered water, food, and other supplies

to 10 of Florida's hardest hit cities.

In Naples Thursday, a team of volunteers

unloaded an OB truck filled with items like food and water,

ready for distribution to those who need them.

Jody Gettys is Operation Blessing vice president

for U.S. disaster relief.

Naples is known as one of the wealthiest cities in America,

but it also represents some of the poorest

populations in America.

So it's very diverse.

Today, we at Destiny Church with Pastor Greg, and we're

delivering thousands of pounds of product.

Emergency food, water supplies, even heater meals

that people can heat up.

GARY LANE: Gettys explains the ready to eat

meals are cooked without electricity.

JODY GETTYS: These are complete kits.

Spaghetti and meatballs.

It looks like a TV dinner you would get at the grocery store.

But what is unique about this is that it

has the water that you need to pour on to the heating pad

to activate it.

And then what you do is you slip it inside of these boxes

and that becomes the over.

GARY LANE: Pastor Greg Ball told us

how residents reacted when they also

received another hard to get item: bottled water.

We went down the street just handing water to people.

They were crying, hugging us, trying to pay us.

We're, like, this is not about money.

This is meeting the needs of the community.

And that's what the Body of Christ is all about.

GARY LANE: A donation from Aloha Church of Kauai,

Hawaii, made the Naples distribution possible.

Pastor Ball says it's important for people

to demonstrate care and concern for others in need.

GREG BALL: To be able to help take

care of people, that's what we're all

about in the Body of Christ.

And we're so grateful to Operation Blessing and the 700

Club for all that they're doing.

They're on the ground, and God is doing big things.

And we're so blessed to be partnering with you to see all

that God's going to do.

GARY LANE: Gary Lane, CBN News, Jacksonville, Florida.

While Operation Blessing is in Florida,

we're also in Mexico in one of the hardest hit areas

after that 8.1 earthquake last week.

Operation Blessing is providing food, medical care,

and help for the elderly.

And we're still in Texas, helping more people

in more than a dozen cities who were hit by Hurricane Harvey.

And there's an urgent need now for volunteers for Texas.

So if you want to be part of the Operation Blessing

team providing relief in Texas, all you have to do

is go to their website,, and you

can find more information of how you can volunteer this weekend.


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