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National Security Correspondent Erik Rosales on the North Korean Threat

National Security Correspondent Erik Rosales on the North Korean Threat Read Transcript

Our national security correspondent Erik Rosales

is with us now from Washington.

Eric, there's several top officials

talking about military action.

How serious do you think they are?

Oh, I tell you what, Pat.

We are very, very serious, as you heard from McMaster's there


time is of the essence.

We have to denuclearize the Korean peninsula,

and we actually-- as President Trump

said, anything short of that is unacceptable.

You know, top White House administrators

that I spoke with actually told--

said that this week is going to be a very key issue.

You know, the president is going down to the UN,

and whether or not-- they're going

to be going down there with a very sobering type of reaction,

and it's going to be interesting to see

what's the reaction going to be from both China and Russia.

That's going to be the telltale sign.

I tell you what, this really needs to take place,

and we are very, very close to military action.

You ask yourself what is going on in Kim Jong-un's mind?

He knows-- he must know we have enough firepower to literally

destroy that country.

I mean, we could destroy them.

Not only could we drop a nuke on them,

we could come at it with Tomahawk missiles.

We could take out all of his military

and take his family out.

Why do you think that man keeps doing what he's doing?

You know, Pat, it's-- he's a madman.

You know?

It's-- there's no other way to say it.

He's like a little boy in a big boy's world.

You know?

He wants to be able to have--

be sitting at the table, the main table, of--

and get his food and get all of his stuff.

But at the same time, you know, he's

playing with his own people here.

He's starving his own people just

to continue this military training, to continue

these military missile tests.

With the sanctions that are already taking place,

we're already starting to see longer gas lines.

You know, it's going to be interesting to see of how much

further he's going to take this, and whether or not the US

is going to have to go ahead and go in and take

care of business.

And the US will be taking care of business.

As you heard from US officials, there's only so much road,

and he is at that point where we have to react.

Well, is the US still willing to try

to pressure North Korea financially along

with the Chinese banks and businesses?

That's going to be the main goal right there,

the Chinese banks.

You know, we're talking about Chinese trade

with the United States.

Chinese trade in 2006 was $648 billion.

China has the largest imported goods supplier

to the United States and the third largest goods

export market.

So you know what?

Going after the Chinese banks-- that's

going to be the main difference there.

We've already cut off many of the oil and crude oil

and things like that that's heading on into the country.

Now, we need to go after him financially.

But again, North Korea gets a lot of their money

from their drug industry and also from their sales

of weapons, so we have to wait and see

on what's going to happen next.

Erik, I will speculate a little bit

at the beginning of this program,

but if there is a strike, how do you

think what form would it take?

Oh, it's going to be a very quick and multi-dimensional


It's going to take place, not only

from the sea with Tomahawk missiles

and many of our destroyers there,

but we're also going to hit him from the air as well.

You know, we have the B-2 bombers that

have been practicing right now with the South Koreans,

but we also have our B-22, our B-35s,

and then also Japan's going to get involved as well

with their F-15s and F-16s.

And we're-- I'm also hearing from Pentagon sources that

we're going to be seeing unmanned aircraft possibly

dropping bombs--

bombs directly on the palace itself to be able to--

because that's going to be his only form of protection,

is those walls within the palace.

But we are literally going to destroy that palace.

Well, Eric Rosales, thank you very much.

We will continue to watch this.


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