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Jonathan Cahn Unlocks Ancient Secrets to Modern Times

Best-selling author Jonathan Cahn discusses the master blueprint behind the modern world, which he writes about in his new books, The Paradigm. Read Transcript

Well, welcome back.

You're watching "The 700 Club," and we're

delighted to have you with us.

His book "The Harbinger" became a stunning bestseller, sold

more than 2 million copies.

And now Jonathan Cahn has written

another book that could be, perhaps, even more explosive.

It's called "The Paradigm."

Take a look.

SPEAKER 1: Jonathan Cahn is best known

for his insight on the parallels between ancient Israel

and America.

He's also a bestselling author whose book "The Harbinger" sold

more than 2 million copies.

In his latest release, "The Paradigm," Jonathan

explores what he calls the master blueprint

and takes us on a journey from the Middle East to Washington,

DC, from ancient palaces to the White House,

and explains exactly what the paradigm is, how it affects us,

and what lies ahead in our future.

Fascinating book.

It's called "The Paradigm." jonathan Cahn's here with us.

Jonathan, there was a family, a father, in the Bible,

whose children refused to drink wine.

And God pointed them out as the examples of people

who followed his word.

They met a king, a warrior king.

Tell us about that.

That is Jehonadab.

And what happens is Jehonadab is--

really, if you look at all the commentaries,

they will say he represents the religious conservatives

of the land.

And he is going to be used when a man named Jehu, which

is, I know, where you get into the mystery of this, warrior

that rises to power.

And this man is actually going to be

linked to the mystery of Donald Trump--

Jehu, the warrior.

And then this one, he makes an alliance

with the religious conservatives.

And so it's exactly what happened

with Donald Trump, which is part of the paradigm,

that before he got to the throne,

before this man rises to power, he does-- he was here.

I mean, Donald Trump-- in a sense,

Jehonadab represents the religious conservatives and how

this alliance with Christians, where you were part of this,

and you're--

that it actually was part of Donald Trump becoming


It's all there.

Well, Jehonadab was the man who-- he refused to drink wine.

They brought him in.

They said, drink wine.

He says, no.

I'm not gonna do it.

I've sworn not to do it.

And he was true to the Lord.


And the Lord used him, just as he's

used conservatives today and Christians today.

Well, he linked up with Jehu, the warrior king.


All right.

And Trump is the warrior king.


I'll set the stage for you.


Go ahead.

What is the paradigm?

Imagine if there was a master blueprint behind everything

that's happening now.

I mean, from the Bible, 3,000-- but it's showing what has been,

what is, and what's coming.

And it actually is so specific that it

not only says what's going to happen,

but says when it's gonna happen.

It actually gives the year things happen.

It gives, in some cases, the dates,

the actual dates of events.

It even speaks of the people who are on the world stage

right now.

And imagine if behind each of our leaders,

there's an actual ancient leader who's the prototype.

And they're following in the footsteps.

And actually, the time that the leaders have on the stage

is all ordained in the paradigm.

It gives the exact time they have.

And what if it gave the outcome of elections

before it happened?

And what if we could open up this blueprint?

And what would it--

is there a warning in it?

And is there keys about how to live for believers, as you're

mentioning, right now?

Well, that is what the paradigm is.

And I would say this, Pat--

I mean, it sounds crazy, but if we had known--

and I didn't know.

If we knew the paradigm years before,

we could actually plot in our calendar

when these events would take place, down to the days.

That's how kind of mind-blowing it is.

Well, you pointed out Ahab, a king,

who is a vacillating king who was married to a heathen woman.

Her name was Jezebel.

And she hated the people of God.


Well, OK, now-- and this is not gonna be politically correct.

Why not say this--

it's not about the people.

We got to pray for all people.

There's no enemy.

And people don't know--

but here's the thing.

In the paradigm, he's called the king.

And what happens is the nation that

had known God is now accelerating into apostasy.

And these people rise to the throne who will accelerate it.

And one is called the king.

He's, as you said, Ahab.

And he'll be the first king to align

the state with Baal worship, which involves

the offering of children.

So he's going to be accelerating that.

And so you have in the 1990s, you

have a king who rises-- a king in America.

And he is vacillating.

He's also the first president to align America, the government,

with the offering of children, which is abortion.

And that was Bill Clinton.

And Bill Clinton is gonna follow--

I'm not saying he knows what he's doing here.

But Bill Clinton's gonna follow the paradigm of Ahab.

And he's not gonna be alone.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, now, Ahab's wife

wanted to sacrifice children.

Was Baal worship involved--

JONATHAN CAHN: Involved it.



And her name was-- yeah.

So now you have--

it's a co-regency.

And so you have a king and queen both ruling.

And so Jezebel, she is endorsing Baal worship.

She sees traditional values as an obstacle

that have to be changed.

And she will become the primary champion of Baal worship, which

is the offering of children.

So what happens is it's not just Bill Clinton.

There is Hillary Clinton.

She will follow.

And it's not about her personally.

But she will follow the paradigm of Jezebel.

PAT ROBERTSON: When did he do that?

When did Clinton do that?

Was that--

When he was endorsing--


Well, from the beginning, really.

And he came into the White House with his wife.

And they called it a co-presidency.

And so Hillary Clinton-- and also, by the way,

Jezebel worshipped female power.

And you have Hillary Clinton, all these things,

she becomes the key champion of abortion in America.

And they together are basically--

their policies are warring against biblical values.

But it gets even more specific because if you

look, how long was Bill Clinton on the national stage?

He was elected governor in 1979.

That's the beginning of his rise.

He lasted until 2001, the end of his presidency.

That's 22 years.

Open up the Bible.

And open up, and it says, Ahab, son of Omri,

reigned in Sumeria for a period of 22 years.

Clinton follows the same template of Ahab.

And the same thing in every way.

And there is also a scandal.

It's also, the reign of Ahab and-- known for a scandal.

It's the scandal of Naboth and the vineyard.

Well, the Clinton years, of course,

were also known for a scandal--


And the key one was the Lewinsky scandal.

He was impeached.

Well, when did the scandal of Ahab and J--

when was it exposed?

It was exposed in the 19th year of the king.

So what happens if we take the beginning--

1979-- of Bill Clinton's rise, give 19 years.

It takes us to the year 1998.

1998 is the year of the exposing of the scandal.

In fact, he was sworn in January.

So January 1998 is the actual month that it broke loose.

And I'll give you some more things [INAUDIBLE]..

One is that in this scandal, actually, in Ahab's fall,

it's linked to the tribe of Levi.

I won't go through it.

It's in the book.

But so could there possibly be a link with the tribe of Levi

and the scandals of the Clinton years?

Well here's the thing--

from the name Levi comes the name Levin.

From Levin comes Lewin.

From Lewin comes Lewinsky.

PAT ROBERTSON: Oh, come on!


The Lewinsky scandal, it literally

means the tribe of Levi.

PAT ROBERTSON: Are you serious?

Yeah, absolutely serious.

And she was actually a descendant.

She's a Levi.

And that's in.

That's part of the fall of Ahab.

Well let me get even more mind-boggling here.


I mean, what happens is that when Elisha rebukes Ahab

for the scandal, he repents.

And so God says, OK.

You're gonna have a little time period before judgment.

So there's a period of-- look in the Bible-- three years

from the king's repentance to a calamity that

comes on the nation.

Now, did Bill Clinton ever repent?

Well, he did.

It was a White House prayer meeting.

And he said, this is my repentance.

He actually said repented.

Take that date.

What happens if you take that date,

add the three years of the paradigm?

Could it lead to a significant event?

It takes you to an exact day.

The day it leads you to is September 11,

2001, the day of the calamity.

PAT ROBERTSON: Incredible.

The day to the day!

And actually, it happened in the morning.

Well, 9/11 then happened in the morning.

The White House the event of repentance began at 8:30.

8:30 pinpoints the hour that 9/11 begins.

And the event ended at 10:30.

Could that contain 9/11?

The last event of 9/11, the North Tower coming down,

happened at 10:29.

One minute later was 10:30.

This is to the day, to the minute,

to the hour, the minute.

And this is how amazing it is.

I mean, Pat, if we had known this before,

you could actually have plotted this on your calendar

that this would happen.

That's how exact it is.

Well, who would have thought that this would

be a significant event in the history of America,

that this thing in Israel would be

a forerunner of this harbinger?


Well, it goes with the harbingers.

And Because God gives warnings.

And he speaks through his word.

So we're replaying this.

"The Harbinger" spoke of the signs of judgment.

This is saying it's not just that.

It's everything.

It's almost like we're in a harbinger, everything

that's happening.

And even if you look at what happened after that, what

happened to Ahab and Jezebel?

Everybody thinks Ahab ended, and then so did Jezebel.

His reign ended.


Ahab's reign ended, but Jezebel continued on

in the political realm.


So what happens here in the prototype?

The reign of Bill Clinton ends.

Hillary Clinton goes on.

Jezebel stayed in the capital city.

She was part of the government, in the halls of power.

It's exactly what happens with Hillary Clinton.

In 2008, she seeks to be president.

But in the paradigm, that doesn't happen.

A younger man takes the throne.

And that leads to another mystery, which

is in the paradigm, he's called the heir.

And this will be-- his name is Jehoram.

And he's the heir.

He follows in the path of Ahab and Jezebel.

And so this is gonna be the mystery of Barack Obama.

Barack Obama is gonna come.

And he's gonna follow in the same pattern, the same policy,

of the Clintons.

And in fact, Jehoram is gonna be in the palace

with Jezebel, the queen mother.

So Barack Obama is gonna be in the White House

with Hillary Clinton, just the same way.

And the thing is-- so let's look at when did Barack Obama come

on the national stage?

Well, it's clear.

It was that convention.

Nobody knew him up until that speech at the convention, 2004.

His last year of presidency was 2016.

How many years?

12 years of Barack Obama.

Open up the book of Second Kings to Jehoram.

And it says Jehoram reigned in Sumeria

for a period of 12 years.

It follows the same thing, the same pattern, everything.

And it's gonna go up to right where we are now.

Because if you look, what happens in the paradigm

is the nation's at a crossroad.

I mean, if the government continues the way it's going,

it's going to wipe out religious freedom, which is where America

was this last election.

And so we're right there.

But then comes a surprise.

And as [INAUDIBLE] there comes a surprise.

And in the paradigm, he's called the warrior.

And this is a man who's not a politician.

Donald Trump is-- but Donald Trump is gonna

follow the pattern of this man.

His name is Jehu, as we said.

And so this is gonna be the mystery of Donald Trump.

And everybody says, what's the mystery?

How do you-- well, he wasn't a politician,

but he's a leader, Donald Trump.

Jehu was not a gentle man.

He's a rough man.

He's wild.

He's wild.

Donald Trump, do I have to say it?

Not a gentle man.

He is unpredictable, Jehu.

And he's gonna shake up the status quo.

He's gonna cause a shakeup of the government.

So he's anointed, but for this.

Now, it's not about Donald Trump.

It's not about Jehu.

To this day, when you look at the commentaries,

they don't even know what to make of Jehu.

But he was used of God.

So because it was gonna happen.

So what happens is Jehu begins a race to the throne.

So Donald Trump begins his race to the throne.

And if you look at the actual Bible, what

the Bible says about the race, it says Jehu drives furiously.

And the word in the original Hebrew means crazy.

And so the race of Donald Trump was crazy.

Itw as absolutely crazy.

Yet it happened.

And when it takes place, actually when it happened,

it actually pinpoints the time.

Because it says the rise of Jehu happens

in the 12th year of Jehoram.

That pinpoints the year 2016.

That's the race of Donald Trump.

And what's gonna happen is he's gonna come

head to head in the paradigm.

Jehu comes head to head with Jezebel, the former first lady.

So it already happened.

You have Hillary Clinton.

You have Donald Trump.

Everybody said, she's gonna trounce

Donald Trump, all the polls.

The paradigm said that no, the warrior will

defeat the former first lady.

And so he wins is exactly what happens, as in there,

before it happened.

And then he sets his sight on the capital city.

He's got to go there to take the throne.

And why does Jehu go there?

He goes there to drain the swamp, literally.

I mean, read it.

He goes there to drain the swamp.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

This is absolutely there.

So he goes there to rid Baal worship.

Now, Baal worship's linked to the killing of children.

That's abortion.

So what does Trump-- he says, I'm

gonna seek to dismantle the support of abortion.

First executive orders was pro-life, to protect children.

But there's another mystery because when he goes there,

he destroys the temple of Baal.


PAT ROBERTSON: Yeah, tears it down.

Tears it down.

PAT ROBERTSON: Makes it a urinal.

I didn't say that, but yes.

That's right.

That's true.

And so the thing is that if you go-- it amazingly happened.

There actually stands a temple of Baal in the Middle East.

And this thing says when the war arises, the temple will fall.

Well, that temple of Baal, when Trump rose, after 2000 years,

the temple of Baal fell.

We also go into the future and everything that's gonna happen.

This is incredible.

Ladies and gentlemen, the book is called "The Paradigm."

Jonathan will be ministering to our audience today.

You don't want to miss it.



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