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Netanyahu in Buenos Aires: Iranian Threat Unabated

Netanyahu in Buenos Aires: Iranian Threat Unabated Read Transcript

JULIE STAHL: It's the first time an Israeli Prime

Minister visited a Western hemisphere country

south of the United States.

From Argentina to Colombia to Mexico,

they rolled out the red carpet.

And we are beginning here, the dawn of a new era.

And not accidentally.

We begin it here, in Argentina.

JULIE STAHL: The last time an El Al aircraft

landed in Buenos Aires happened in 1960, when Israel kidnapped

Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann and whisked him away for trial.

The prime minister's visit is laden with symbolism.

JULIE STAHL: Netanyahu started his trip

at memorials marking Iranian and Hezbollah-backed terror


One, targeting the Israeli embassy in 1992,

and two years later, at the Jewish community building.

More than 100 people were killed in those attacks.

Iran's terror has not stopped since then.

They have a terror machine that encompasses the entire world,

with their sidekick Hezbollah.

In the case of Iran, it is not merely terror,

it's also the quest for nuclear weapons

that concerns us, and should concern

the entire international community.

JULIE STAHL: Expert Emanuele Ottolenghi

said Iran would figure in all of Netanyahu's conversations.

Iran remains Israel's most strategic threat.

But also, because in Latin America increasingly,

Hezbollah cooperates with organized crime

in a narco-terrorism convergence to raise

funds for its growing budget.

JULIE STAHL: According to Ottolenghi,

the visit also indicates Netanyahu's strategy

to expand relationships is working.

Israel is gaining new friends outside of the Western world,

countries that are no longer automatically voting against

Israel at the U.N. That includes new friends in Latin America.

So it's an important trip.

Today, the future belongs to those who innovate.

Israel is an innovation nation.

Some say it's the innovation nation.

JULIE STAHL: And that showed in agreements

with Colombia and Argentina, to share scientific research

and expertise in fields like agriculture, water,

cybersecurity, and health.

We can make our air cleaner, our water safer to drink.

We can produce more milk per cow,

that's actually what Israel does better

than any other country in the world.

We can harvest crops in ways that are unimaginable.

JULIE STAHL: Netanyahu promised it

would be much sooner than 70 years for the next visit

of an Israeli Prime Minister to this part of the world.

Julie Stahl, CBN News, Jerusalem.


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