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CBN's David Brody on Trump at the UN and His DC Agenda

CBN's David Brody on Trump at the UN and His DC Agenda Read Transcript

Our CBN News political correspondent David Brody

is with us from Washington.

And David, how do you think the Trump team will

get the international community on its side against North


Well, it's going to be very difficult, Pat.

Obviously there are players out there

that will play ball with the Trump administration.

But the question is, what will China do?

What will Russia do?

And even further than that, Pat, will the president

call out China specifically by name at the United Nations


That is an unanswered question we just don't know.

Typically, Trump would call out China.

He's done it many times before.

But when you are at the United Nations,

it's a whole different story, and we'll see what happens.

Remember, no applause at the United Nations

during these speeches.

So that'll be something very different for this president,

who loves the applause line.

There will be none of that today.

It will be dead silent, if you will.

And also, remember North Korea will be actually sitting

in the front row.

As Bob Uecker used to say in that old baseball commercial,

we'll be in the front row.

And I will say this, that the reason they're

in the front row-- a lot of people

might say, well, that's interesting.

It's actually a lottery that determines that North

Korea actually gets that seat.

David, you remember it wasn't too long ago that the United

Nations voted against Israel they

said the occupation of the West Bank was an act--

I don't know if they used aggression or terrorism

or what have you--

but they labeled Israel a terrorist aggressor.

And the United States abstained from that,

did not use its veto, and that is still in place.

So what's the deal on that, do you know?

Well, a couple of things.

We talked to US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley

about this a few months ago.

And she has been very outspoken in the problem

that the UN has against Israel.

She calls it an anti-Israel bias.

And so she's been very outspoken.

The question is, will the president actually

address that today?

There is a sense that he will, or at least--

maybe not be as strong as Nikki Haley,

because Nikki Haley is operating in a different venue,

and different space at times.

But there is a sense that that will happen.

I do want to point something real quick,

Pat, on North Korea.

It's important to note that sanctions indeed

are the way that this administration wants to go.

They believe that they can get there with sanctions.

At the same time, they also understand

that those military options, as Erik Rosales was

talking about yesterday, definitely on the table

for sure.

Well, in the domestic scene, the Congress-- you know,

Lindsey Graham has come forth with a proposal that may well

gather the support needed from his fellow senators to pass,

to repeal and replace Obamacare with block grants to the states

You want to talk about them?

Yeah, well let me tell you something straight up,

as they like to say.

This is not only a serious effort, Pat,

this really could get passed.

They're pretty much one vote away.

Is it going to be Lisa Murkowski?

If they can get Lisa Murkowski to agree,

they're probably going to get this bill past the Senate.

They're right now, probably, at 49 votes or so.

I have been told by senior administration officials

that the president two months ago actually told the vice

president to get working behind the scenes on a health care

replacement deal.

And that's what the vice president

has done the last eight weeks.

And hence, here we are with the Graham-Cassidy bill.

And think about this, Pat, for a moment.

It's actually a stroke of genius.

The president-- and we hear all this about Chuck and Nancy,

and the three-month deal with Democrats.

Think about what that just did.

He took away Harvey and Irma in terms of Senate floor time.

He took away anything with the budget for three months,

in terms of Senate floor time.

So guess what, that's right, now there's Senate floor

time to debate Graham-Cassady, and get

that done before September 30th.

Because the budget runs out on September 30th,

you've got about 10, 11 days left.

So they've got to get that done before September 30th.

Why do they have to get it done before that time?

Because when the budget runs out,

so does the budget reconciliation process run out,

which means 50 votes are needed before September 30th.

After September 30, it's 60 votes.

You know, with Lisa Murkowski, I

don't know how much of a maverick she is,

but Alaska is a small state.

And it seems like the amount of goodies

that could be given to Alaska to get that vote would be a pretty

small beans, considering some of the other things that

are at stake.

Well, you can be sure the horse trading is in full force.

Hence, one of the reasons--

I'm not suggesting horse trading is happening today,

necessarily, at the Senate Policy Luncheon.

But Mike Pence, remember, will be in New York this morning

for the UN speech by the president,

then shuttling back to DC for the Senate Policy Luncheon


That should tell you something, as we all

read between the lines, and then he'll head back to New York.

So yes, Lisa Murkowski is right in the crosshairs

of all of this.

And let the horse trading begin, Pat.

Well, you also have been speaking

with Budget Director Mick Mulvaney on "Faith Nation."

He thinks tax reform can indeed get passed this year.

What's your take on that?

Well, that's right, we're going

to speak to the Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney.

That is Wednesday on the CBN News Facebook page.

"Faith Nation" is the show, 12:30 Eastern, by the way.

Do you like the plug?

I had to do that, Pat--

cross-promotion, right?

But yes, Mick Mulvaney believes tax reform can get done.

And here's the dot, dot, dot to that, Pat.

Can it get done this year?

All along the White House has wanted tax reform

to get done by Thanksgiving.

They believe if it gets done by Thanksgiving,

you can have that effect in the economy.

So you get the six-to-nine month effect

where the tax cuts get rolling, and then by the midterms

you're in pretty good shape.

There is no sense that that is going

to get done by Thanksgiving.

I think you're looking at after the first of the year.

But we'll see.

I can tell you this, that the new budget coming up--

what Republicans are hoping for, what Mick fffffffffffff

is hoping for, is to budget in $1.5 trillion of tax cuts

into their budget configuration.

A lot of math, a lot of smoke and mirrors,

but the bottom line is if they can

do that it will make Republicans hopefully

have to take less time dealing with certain tax breaks

they're going to have to eliminate to pay for the thing.

Just Just procedural, and then we've got to move on.

But the House is supposed to be the originator of tax bills,

budget bills of this nature.

This is coming out of the Senate.

And they're going to give it to the House,

but they're not going to be able to amend it whatsoever--

whatever they have is going to be set in stone.

Am I correct on that?

Well, it'll start in the House for sure,

and then it will go to the Senate,

and then of course the process after that.

So I mean, once again here is part of the problem.

And the White House has been better on tax reform

than they were on health care, but once again

how the process plays out, that is all to be determined.

I can tell you this, whatever the process is,

it's going to go down, if you will,

with 50 votes in the Senate for sure

when it gets to the Senate, because they

won't have anywhere near 60 to get tax reform passed.

But with the vice president, they'll

have that extra vote to take it over the top, right?

That's right, they'll have 50, and he'll be in the chair.

And he's been talking about loving

that seat in the chair, because that's going

to be crucial to all of this.


David Brody, thank you so much.


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