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Con-Man's Daughter Finds True Love

Candice adored her father, but felt rejected by him after one of his friends sexually assaulted her. It wasn't until her own daughter showed her the power of childlike faith that her world changed. Read Transcript

CANDACE CURRY: As a little girl, I

just thought he hung the moon, and that I

had the best dad ever.

About middle school was when I started

to realize that he was different from the other dads.

NARRATOR: Candace Curry's dad was a con man, a scammer

who refused to get a job.

And even though her mom was the one who worked hard as a nurse

to provide for the family, Candace

craved her father's love and approval.

CANDACE CURRY: No matter what I did,

nothing was ever good enough.

I would have done anything that he

asked to please him so that he would want to be with me,

or like me, or love me, or think I was cool.

He started giving me drugs in high school,

and I took them because I wanted him to like me.

NARRATOR: One night when she was 16,

Candace was raped by a friend of her father's.

When her dad found out, Candace expected he would defend her.

CANDACE CURRY: Instead, he threatened that if I ever told,

he would make my life a living hell.

He threw me under the bus so that he wouldn't

get in trouble with my mom.

And so I think that was when I realized

that I had zero value to him.

NARRATOR: The revelation was devastating.

CANDACE CURRY: That, I think, is when I really built a wall up

and stop trusting anybody.

Why would anybody else see any redeeming qualities in me if he


And so it changed me.

It hardened me.

NARRATOR: The pain of her dad's rejection

stayed with Candace for years.

CANDACE CURRY: I just didn't think

I was good enough for anybody.

And as soon as somebody good got close,

then I would intentionally destroy it.

I made horrible decisions and destroyed healthy relationships

so that they wouldn't get any closer.

NARRATOR: After high school she started

working in the restaurant business, then, on impulse,

got married in Vegas and soon had a daughter.

But the marriage didn't last.

And a few years later, she met Brandon at work.

CANDACE CURRY: I just totally fell in love with him

because he was so kind to me and so good to me and so good

to my daughter that, I mean, I couldn't help it.

I just hadn't experienced that.

No one had come to me and loved on me

without expecting something from me.

NARRATOR: The two married, excited about their future


Within a year, Candace had triplets.

But the couple wasn't prepared for the changes

or financial demands that followed.

CANDACE CURRY: I was a very different person

than the day we got married.

Physically, I had had three babies.

So having three babies takes a toll on your body.

And so I did not feel pretty.

I was growing bitter because he was gone all the time.

And I was at home with these babies, and it wad very hard.

And he was bitter because he was working like crazy

and we couldn't get ahead.

I wasn't very good to him.

I pushed him away because fear and exhaustion.

We were exhausted.

NARRATOR: During that time, Candace's oldest daughter

started going to church after a cousin

signed her up for the choir.

CANDACE CURRY: I started taking her

to church purely out of obligation to my daughter,

and not as a desire for myself.

God was for perfect people.

I think growing up, I just thought

you had to fit a certain mold for God to know you.

NARRATOR: That summer, at vacation Bible school,

her daughter gave her life to Christ.

CANDACE CURRY: It kind of rocked me, you know?

I hadn't been any example of Christ to her.

And here she was like, all in, that she went to this church

and was listening to who Jesus was and how much he loved her.

And she was like, I'm in.

I wanted her bravery and I wanted her confidence in Jesus.

Something started softening about me,

sitting in and listening to who Jesus was.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, she carried the guilt of her marriage

and family falling apart.

CANDACE CURRY: We were failing our kids

and we were just failing at life,

and I wasn't a good wife to him.

And so that was scary, because I knew

he deserved better than me.

Who I had become wasn't who he chose to marry.

NARRATOR: The couple decided to divorce.

Then Candace says God spoke to her.

CANDACE CURRY: That's the moment that I

realized that God knew me.

It was the first time that I heard God.

And I didn't hear him audibly.

I just-- it was in my heart.

And he said, you know, you've been looking for me.

And here I am, and I'm going to show you what

it's like to be my daughter.

And if you want your husband to know

what you've been experiencing, then you're

going to have to be his example, and you're

going to have to show him what forgiveness

and unconditional love really looks like.

And I did not want to hear that.

NARRATOR: Candace reached out to her husband

and they reconciled.

They also began attending church as a family.

CANDACE CURRY: It changed our whole world, our entire world.

We both gave our life to Christ and were baptized together.

NARRATOR: Candace says she has found complete acceptance

and purpose in Christ.

CANDACE CURRY: He takes all of our little broken pieces

and he turns them into this beautiful stained glass where

the light shines through and creates just the most amazing


You can come to him exactly the way you are.

You do not have to clean up and make yourself right.

That's what he does.

That's why he sent Jesus.

He takes away our sins so that we don't have to carry him.

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