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Will President Trump Cut 'Lifeline' for Persecuted Christians?

Will President Trump Cut 'Lifeline' for Persecuted Christians? Read Transcript

Well, this past year we've actually

had to close about five offices.

And many of these staff members that we laid off

were former missionaries who had served overseas

and came back to the United States

because they believed this was also an opportunity

to carry out their missions work by working with refugees.

And so I believe that if that number

were to be that significantly lower, that it would

mean that we would probably have to close a lot of our offices.

But I think more than that, what we're really concerned about

is that many churches have approached us saying,

we want to work with Syrians.

We want to welcome Iraqis and Somalis and all

these incredible refugees and is there

anything you can do to help us welcome our new neighbors

and have that be a core expression of our faith?

And so we are just concerned that many

of these churches that wanted to welcome refugees maybe

are not going to be able to do so this year because

of the lower numbers.

All right, Jenny Yang.

Well, there's a lot going on.

And a lot will happen between now and October 1st.

Thank you so much for your time.


Thanks so much, Heather.

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