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News on The 700 Club: September 20, 2017

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Read Transcript

Welcome to The 700 Club.

What does it all mean?

They're devastating back-to-back natural disasters.

The massive earthquake in Mexico that

killed more than 200 people yesterday,

and today the category five hurricane Maria

that hit Puerto Rico after crashing onto other islands.

Wendy, what's going on?

What is going on.

That is a question I'm even hearing on secular mainstream


People are wanting to know.

And you know, a lot of--

PAT ROBERTSON: You know, I don't have

any spiritual understanding of it.

If I do, it hasn't been revealed to me.

Let's put it that way.

But these are horrible storms.

Tell us about it.

Well you know, a lot of people think

that it could be the Lord just trying to get our attention,

and that perhaps revival is down the road.

And we certainly hope that might be the case.

But the National Weather Service warned

that the hurricane was an extremely

dangerous and life-threatening situation.

And as Charlene Aaron reports, it could demolish Puerto Rico.

CHARLENE AARON: Residents of Puerto Rico

braced for Hurricane Maria after it battered the Caribbean

Tuesday as a category five storm.

Maria slammed into Puerto Rico today

with winds up to 155 miles per hour.

It is now expected to turn north, away from Florida,

but possibly skirting the US east coast.

Puerto Rico's governor calls this the biggest

and potentially most catastrophic hurricane

to hit Puerto Rico in a century.

This is without doubt the most dangerous storm

in our generation.

CHARLENE AARON: Thousands have sought refuge in shelters.

Some fled to Florida to get away from the storm.

I was so glad, so, so, so glad to just get onto that flight

and know that it was actually going to take off, you know.

It just-- it's been a bit of an emotional ride, you know?

It's my first hurricane [INAUDIBLE] Irma,

and I really didn't want to stick around for this next one.

CHARLENE AARON: The storm first made landfall

in Dominica, the only five category hurricane

to hit the island.

I believe we caught a very bad blow.

There appears to be a lot of destruction.

CHARLENE AARON: In the neighboring Virgin Islands,

the US Navy is evacuating all military personnel

ahead of the storm.

The massive hurricane is hitting at the same time

as people in Mexico are digging through rubble

after the devastating 7.1 earthquake hit the region

around Mexico City Tuesday.

Police, firefighters, and ordinary citizens

are searching through collapsed schools, homes, and apartment

buildings looking for survivors.

This natural disaster happened less than two weeks

after a magnitude 8.1 quake affected the states

of Chiapas and Oaxaca.

CBN News captured this video from Tuesday's quake.

INTERPRETER: People are very agitated,

some crying and screaming.

I've seen people lying here, probably because of nerves,

and they collapsed.

CHARLENE AARON: The death toll rose above 200,

and is expected to climb.

Mexico's president issued a video statement

expressing his condolences to those killed in the quake.

INTERPRETER: Incredibly, many people

have lost their lives, including boys and girls at education

centers, buildings, and houses.

I want to express my condolences to those who

lost a relative or a loved one.

Mexico shares your grief.

CHARLENE AARON: He says this is a very hard time

for his country.

INTERPRETER: This quake is a hard test,

and very painful for our country.

Mexicans, we have had difficult experiences

due to quakes in the past, and we

have learned to respond to these episodes, giving all,

and with spirit of solidarity.

CHARLENE AARON: CBN's Operation Blessing

is working to help people in both disaster locations,

with cash grants in Puerto Rico and distributing

relief supplies in Mexico.


We're here in Mexico City, where a really big earthquake hit


There's still a lot of affected areas.

There's a lot of collapsed buildings still in the city.

It's not just this city that's affected,

it's also the surrounding towns.

Morelia, Cuernavaca, a few others.

So [INAUDIBLE] has been mobilizing its mobile kitchens

to provide support.

And the city collapsed with traffic.

Everyone was trying to get everywhere.

So we mobilized a unit of motorcycles

to make sure that we brought water to the affected areas

and brought support to those areas that

are still collapsing.

Thank you so much for everything you do.

This can only be done with your support.

Thank you so much for helping us to be here.

CHARLENE AARON: Charlene Aaron, CBN news.

Thanks, Charlene.

I want to caution everybody about reading too much

spiritual into this one.

I have seen things that just seem to be the judgment of God.

You read the Bible, and there are

phrases like the land will vomit you out.

That's what it says.

But in this case, I just don't see any spiritual significance.

Now, I may be missing something.

And Wendy has mentioned some of the things

that people are saying.

But I personally haven't seen anything.

And I think I'd be very cautious about saying, well,

this is God's judgment, et cetera, et cetera.

I mean, these are natural disasters.

They happen.

The earth, you know, tectonic plates shift,

and all of a sudden you have an earthquake.

And they're devastating.

The more people we have on this planet,

the more damage is going to be done

when one of these natural disasters hits us.

But these are horrible hurricanes.

I have never in my lifetime--

I cannot remember one after the other of these massive


And the islands of the Caribbean are just being decimated.

So what we do is to reach out and help people.

We do everything we can to alleviate their suffering.

And we certainly want to pray for them.

Well, in other news, in front of the entire world,

President Trump has given North Korea another warning

about its nuclear program.

Stark, strong leadership.

John Jessup has that.

Well Pat, President Trump gave that warning,

as you said, to North Korea during his first address

to the United Nations Tuesday, telling the North

that the United States will destroy it if it has to.

CBN's national security correspondent Erik Rosales

has the story.

North Korea's ambassador was in the front row,

but was seen leaving before President Trump spoke

before the 193 members of the United Nations.

The commander in chief put the rogue nation on notice.

The president called on delegates

to work together against North Korea's nuclear program,

stating if the righteous many do not

confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph.

Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself

and for his regime.

ERIK ROSALES: While the president praised recent UN

sanctions against Pyongyang, he emphasized

his administration would take action

if Kim Jong-un continues to threaten the United States

and destabilize East Asia.

No nation on earth has an interest

in seeing this band of criminals arm itself with nuclear weapons

and missiles.

The United States has great strength and patience.

But if it is forced to defend itself or its allies,

we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.

BILL GERTZ: It was a very strong speech.

I don't think I've ever heard a president threaten

to destroy another country.

ERIK ROSALES: CBN News spoke with author and senior editor

for the Washington Free Beacon, Bill Gertz.

He believes North Korea's already proven sanctions

are ineffective.

His idea, information warfare.

BILL GERTZ: That's the idea of getting the country wired up.

Instead of imposing more sanctions, which

haven't worked for over a decade,

let's loosen sanctions on telecommunications

infrastructure, computers and cell phones.

Let's get the country wired up, and then

let's flood it with real truthful information

about that regime.

ERIK ROSALES: Meanwhile, Defense Secretary James Mattis

backed up UN Ambassador Nikki Haley's statements

by telling reporters Monday the United States is ready to take

care of the situation.

JAMES MATTIS: Ambassador Haley is correct.

There are many military options in concert with our allies

that we will take to defend our allies and our own interests.

ERIK ROSALES: Secretary Mattis said

there are possible military options that

would not create a grave risk to Seoul, but didn't elaborate.

At 35 miles from the North Korean border,

Seoul lies well within artillery range.

Beyond other weapons, North Korea

is also believed to have a sizable chemical

and biological arsenal.

The secretary did explain why the US hasn't shot down

any North Korean missiles.

JAMES MATTIS: The bottom line here

is that, when the missiles, were they to be a threat, whether it

be to US territory, Guam, obviously Japan,

Japan's territory, that would elicit

a different response from us.

Mattis wouldn't say any more about the military plans,

but did confirm that he discussed with his South Korean

counterpart the idea of introducing nuclear weapons

to the Korean peninsula.

He would not confirm if that was one of the options

under consideration.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

Thanks, Erik.

On the president's schedule today, a meeting with Japan's

prime minister and the South Korean president

to discuss North Korea.

Pat, back to you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I just want to tell everybody,

nuclear war is hideous, horrible.

You've seen what was done in Hiroshima and in Nagasaki,

Japan at the end of the Second World War.

The death toll was horrific and the suffering

is beyond measure.

To loose this genie upon the Korean peninsula or anywhere

else is frankly unthinkable.

But what Kim Jong-un is doing, he

is telling people we are going to incinerate the United

States, we have weapons that can capable of doing it,

we are building thermonuclear weapons,

we have hydrogen bombs, the big, powerful ones that may have 50,

60 times the power of the nukes dropped on Nagasaki,

and we will use them in the United States.

We will incinerate you.

Now, that's what that old man-- that young kid is saying.

Is he crazy?

Is this bluster?

What is it?

Well, we cannot allow that to happen.

So the choices before our leadership are just horrendous.

And I would call on prayer for everyone.

They need the wisdom of God Almighty.

But there is no easy solution.

But the thing is, once the genie is out of the bottle,

God help every one of us.


Pat, well here in Washington Senate Republicans tentatively

have agreed on a plan for a major tax cut.

The goal is to strengthen the economy

and help it grow faster by cutting

tax rates for both businesses and individuals.

Tax plan has been one of President Trump's

top priorities.

Although some have pushed for reform of the overall tax code,

others say the Republicans will have

to focus on tax cuts for now.

Writing for Forbes magazine, Steve Forbes says, there simply

isn't enough time for a significant overhaul of the tax


Instead, Forbes says, Republicans should just

aim for big tax cuts.

Go big, and if some changes are subsequently needed,

do them later.

But go big immediately.

Pat, sounds a lot like something you've been saying.

Exactly the same thing.

I want to congratulate Steve Forbes.

This is the 100th anniversary of Forbes magazine.

It is a tremendous publication.

It's read by many, many people, influential people

in the business community.

And Steve has been a leader in terms of rational analysis

of monetary policy.

He is at the forefront.

So my congratulations.

Steve, happy birthday to you guys at Forbes Magazine.


Before we go to the break, I just

have to ask you this question.

It's bugging me.

So why-- OK, so Kim Jong-un, he has,

he wants to blow up America.

But why?

I mean, what are the motives behind him--

just because he can?

Just because he--

I think when you're ego-centered, ego-driven,

you want to be a big shot.

And the way to be a big shot is to tweak

the tail of the big tiger.

And that's the US.

And so he looks strong in the eyes of his people.

He doesn't realize what the consequences of these acts are.

He's a kid.

He's not an experienced diplomat or leader, he's a kid.

And he has been raised in a bubble.

They don't have the access to the news we do.

And he doesn't understand the consequences of his actions.

So I mean, what would you do if you had a five or 10-year-old,

and he gets his hands on a 45 fully armed,

and he comes running downstairs, look, Mommy, pew.

Well, like you said, we gotta pray.

That's all we can do right now.

And pray for our leaders.

God's got to restrain him.

But it is a crime family that's running the country that

is a crime family.

His grandfather was put in place by the Russians.

He was a Lieutenant Colonel, and he was put in by the Russians

as a Russian puppet.

And they have deified him.

Not idolized him, they've deified him.

They've made him into a god.

And the way-- the repression of the Korean people

is simply appalling.

And I don't know if Bill Gertz [INAUDIBLE] frankly, that's

a little late.

But what we can do is I think we could--

we ought to start with cyber warfare.

We oughta shut them down.

We can shut down-- if NSA gets on the case,

we can cripple any communications

those people have.

And I think that's the way to go, rather than to talk

about nuclear bombs.

But we'll see.


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