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'PrayForPuertoRico': Hurricane Maria Slams U.S. Island with 155 MPH Winds

'PrayForPuertoRico': Hurricane Maria Slams U.S. Island with 155 MPH Winds Read Transcript


It could demolish Puerto Rico.

Residents of Puerto Rico braced for Hurricane Maria

after it battered the Caribbean Tuesday as a Category 5 storm.

Maria slammed into Puerto Rico today

with winds up to 155 miles per hour.

It is now expected to turn north away from Florida,

but possibly skirting the US east coast.

Puerto Rico's governor calls this the biggest

and potentially most catastrophic hurricane

to hit Puerto Rico in a century.

This is without a doubt the most dangerous storm

in our generation.

Thousands have sought refuge in shelters.

Some fled to Florida to get away from the storm.

I was so glad, so, so, so glad to just get onto that flight

and know that it was actually going to take off, you know?

It just-- it was--

it's been a bit of an emotional ride, you know?

It's my first hurricane [INAUDIBLE]

and I really didn't want to stick around for this next one.

The storm first made landfall in Dominica, the only five

category hurricane to hit the island.

I believe we caught a very bad blow.

There appears to be a lot of destruction.

In the neighboring Virgin Islands,

the US Navy is evacuating all military personnel

ahead of the storm.


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