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Worship Artist Paul Wilbur on Hurricanes and Earthquakes: 'Disasters are the Church's Great Opportunity'

Worship Artist Paul Wilbur on Hurricanes and Earthquakes: 'Disasters are the Church's Great Opportunity' Read Transcript

With everything happening, with major earthquakes

in Mexico, two within a month's time, hurricanes,

solar eclipse.

People are wondering what is going on.

What do you feel the Lord is saying?

Well, we know from the mouth of Jesus himself

that in the last days, there are wars, rumors

of wars, natural disasters.

There's an increase, because a kingdom is being birthed.

Now I have two sons, and I did my part.

But I wasn't a part of the carrying them

in my body like my wife was.

She understands that as the appearance of this child

draws closer, that the intensity--

they won't call it pain, of course.

It's intensity.


She called it pain.


And the whole thing, the pressure, and the frequency,

because something was being birthed.

And the Kingdom of God is being birthed in these very hours.

We are living, I believe, in the last of the last days.

And so I think it's strange that we have more wars now

in the world, going on right now, than in all

of collective history up until this point.

And all of the other things.

The natural disasters, some of them, I believe,

are man inspired.

We were given authority by God.

He said, subdue the Earth and rule over it.

We have our part to play.

That's right, these last couple of hurricanes,

they passed right over us or right by us.

But we've had no damage to our home, no loss of power,

no water damage, no wind damage.

But I'm one of those nuts out in the driveway of my house,

speaking to the atmosphere.

I mean, even when it's down in the Caribbean,

my neighbors know something is coming.

I should take an offering from my neighbors.

We didn't have any damage here in our neighborhood.

You know why?

Because the nut is out there speaking to them

we have authority.

Absolutely I love that.

We need to know who we are.

I really believe that that is our job one.

We need to know who we are, and what in the world

we're doing on this planet right now.

Because we have a destiny.

We have a calling.

We have an anointing.

We have an authority.

We have a King.

And we're waiting for this King to come.

But while we wait, it's an act of waiting.

We're not sitting back, just que sera sera.


I love it.

Two part question here.

With everything that you just mentioned that's happening,

what do you feel God is telling people,

and can Christians use everything

that's happening as an opportunity

to share the gospel?

Disasters are the churches great opportunity.

A lot of times, as I travel and I'm

out between 200 and 250 days a year,

I'm out away from my home.

And we're looking for opportunities

in a conversation with someone on an airplane, in an airport

at a concert, at whatever.

We're looking.

These disasters are custom made for the grace

and the love of God to be displayed through the church.

We have been called to have authority

and to rule over the earth.

But we've also been called to display

the love and the grace of God.

And so all the work that CBN does, carrying food and water

into these disaster areas.

I was so pleased during hurricane Harvey

to see the Church of Houston, and the greater church of Texas

begin to pull together raising funds, carrying water, getting

their hands dirty.

I said, come on.

I mean, this is who we are.

What a great opportunity.

So yeah, take advantage of every opportunity.

Even if your neighbor is without power,

a simple thing like that.

Bring them in.

Let them enjoy your--


Your AC, or your extra water or whatever.

And we don't come to the knowledge of God, most of us,

all by ourselves.

It took someone to display Jesus to us.

CHARLENE AARON: Absolutely, I love that.

That's what happened to me 40 years ago.


A Baptist from west Texas decided, I mean

he picked me out of the crowd.

And he said, I'm assigned to this guy.

And it was a couple of weeks later he led me to the Lord

on a fishing trip.

A stranger, a stranger, picked me out

and he displayed Jesus to me.

To the place where me, as a Jewish guy,

could not deny that he is Lord.

CHARLENE AARON: So powerful, Paul.


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