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100 Days a Captive of ISIS: How This Filipino Priest Found Freedom

100 Days a Captive of ISIS: How This Filipino Priest Found Freedom Read Transcript

Last May, ISIS affiliated terrorists

kidnapped Catholic priest, Father Chito,

and 240 other Christians in the southern Philippines.

It was the beginning of the Maute rebel

siege of Marawi and Mindanao.

But there's good news--

Father Chito has just been released.

And our Asia correspondent, Lucille Talusan,

joins us now from Manila with more.

Lucille, tell us a little bit about the kidnapping of Father

Chito and those others.

Oh, yeah, that happened on May 23rd

when the Marawi siege began.

And that is when the ISIS linked multi-terrorist group abducted

Father Chito and some 100 people who were then in a cathedral.

And Father Chito is the most high-profile hostage

that was taken by the Maute terrorist group.

And now he was just released.

How did that come about, Lucille?

Was a ransom paid?


Actually, he spent 117 days in captivity.

And on Saturday night during the heavy fighting

between the security forces--

the government forces and the Maute terrorist group--

during this heavy fighting, the Maute terrorists

abandoned the mosque that was their command center.

And this is when Father Chito, along with a teacher

from a Christian college in Marawi, were able to escape.

And this is when the military spotted them and brought them

to a safer place.

Well, I know we remember that video of him

from last spring when he was talking about wanting

the government to end its siege and to stop fighting the Maute


What about the other Christians.

Are they still being held?

Oh, yes.

Speaking of that video, he was coerced to do that.

And actually, he was also forced to help in making IEDs--

improvised explosive devices for the terrorists.

Father Chito was even also persuaded to convert to Islam

but, of course, he remained faithful to Christianity,

being a Catholic priest.


And what about the others?

I know some Christians were killed.

Are there still some being held?

Some Christians were killed.

Reports also said that the females, the women,

most of them were raped and also forced

to marry the Muslim terrorists.

And some of them, because they needed more fighters,

some of them converted to Islam.

And some of them also fought along

with the Maute terrorists.

The Philippine government troops

have been fighting a long battle there in Mindanao.

Are they making progress against these Islamic terrorists there?

What's the latest, Lucille?


They're making that final push to expel the terrorists.

The terrorists are just now down to about 80 militants

and the hostages are down to about 40 hostages.

And how many people are still internally displaced

in Mindanao?

And how is CBN helping?

About 200,000 people are still displaced.

And, of course, they are waiting for the war

to end, which hopefully will be soon.

It's also a big help that the US and Australia have

provided [INAUDIBLE] aircrafts.

And what is CBN doing?


When the war is over and the city's cleared,

CBN humanitarians will have the projects

like livelihood trainings and also children's zones,

where there will be traumatic counseling for the children.

This war has opened Marawi to Christianity.

And because the war victims experienced the love

and the care of Christians.

I know CBN played a part in that

in helping people there as they fled the area.

So how should we be praying, Lucille?

It looks like it's going to be coming to an end soon.

How should we pray?

For the killings to end because there are already

more than 800 that have died in this war.

And let's also pray for wisdom for the government leaders,

especially the president, President Duterte, for God

to give him wisdom on how to go about the rehabilitation

of Marawi City.

OK, Lucille.

We'll be praying that.

Thanks so much for joining us.

Thank you, Gary.



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