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Puerto Rico 'Destroyed' by Maria: Power Gone, Telecom 'Collapsed'

Puerto Rico 'Destroyed' by Maria: Power Gone, Telecom 'Collapsed' Read Transcript


GEORGE THOMAS: First responders are out

on the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico,

after the strongest storm in 83 years

slammed into the Caribbean island.

Maria destroyed hundreds of homes,

snapped trees and, as you can see,

tore off roofs, and dumped at least 20 inches of rain.

The governor says his island is completely destroyed.

Residents of the US territory joined firefighters

as they fanned out across the capital,

clearing wood and debris from the streets.

MAN: This is my apartment-- the first time I come inside.

(CRYING) This is very sad.

GEORGE THOMAS: As people took stock of the damage,

officials are warning, it could be months

before power is restored on the island,

with hotels ballrooms shelters and sports arenas quickly

filling up with the homeless.


Some are singing about finding strength through the storm.

They'll need it as the recovery and cleanup slowly

gets underway.


The hurricane came ashore off Puerto Rico's northwest coast

Wednesday, packing winds of 155 miles-per-hour,

just two miles an hour under a category 5.

The storm regained strength as it moved back over open water,

on course to slam into Turks and Caicos and the Dominican


2,300 miles west of Puerto Rico, this

is the scene in Mexico City, as emergency crews are still

working tirelessly to find survivors, following that 7.1

magnitude earthquake that struck the central part

of the country.

Over 40 buildings collapsed in the capital city.

Operation Blessing, which has a significant presence

in the country, responded soon after the earthquake

struck Tuesday afternoon, deploying people on motorcycles

to distribute water and other essential supplies

to some of the hardest hit areas of the city.

Within a few hours--


--hundreds got busy, helping set up mobile kitchens

and filling warehouses, as they stepped up

to meet the needs of their hurting neighbors.

Local authorities also joined a human chain

of Operation Blessing volunteers,

as they packed vital supplies bound

for some of the outlying areas near the quake's epicenter.

Everywhere we look, there are houses down,

houses condemned, and their families

sleeping out in the elements.

GEORGE THOMAS: The Operation Blessing team

brought a truckload full of tents and quickly set to work,

erecting the temporary shelter for scores

of families who had lost homes.

245 people have died so far, with Mexico City bearing

the brunt of the deaths and damage.

More than 2,000 were also injured.

And so the need for help is great.

George Thomas, CBN News.


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