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Operation Blessing Still Hard at Work After Hurricanes

Operation Blessing continues to help relief efforts in the devastating wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Read Transcript

All my years on this earth, I've

never seen anything like this.

RICK SCOTT: Every Floridian should

take this seriously and be aggressive to protect

their family.

NARRATOR: The aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma

left thousands of people destitute.

It's, like, memories that get taken away by, like, something

that you don't expect.

It just breaks my heart.

NARRATOR: Operation Blessing was in place

before either storm came ashore, prepared to bring

supplies of water, food, clothing,

and the love of Jesus Christ.

Right now we're just loving on people by getting them food.

Our area was devastated by floods and winds.

A lot of people were evacuated from their homes,

losing everything, and Operation Blessing was a life-saver.

NARRATOR: Near Port Arthur, Texas,

Sandy Janis's 87-year-old mother has lived

in this house for 50 years.

How do you tell her that she cannot come back home?

NARRATOR: Sandy was overwhelmed trying to help

her mom, who has dementia.


So can I get four people--

NARRATOR: Operation Blessing reached out to Sandy

within a couple of days of hurricane Harvey's wake

and brought a team of volunteers to help with the cleanup.

You could feel through everyone

the support and the love that they were giving.

They wanted nothing to do except help.

My mom, I'll tell her about Operation Blessing.

Within five minutes she doesn't remember,

but in that five minutes she'll know how much they helped

and how much they're--

we appreciate that help.


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