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Ever Hear of Mick Mulvaney? Why He Holds the Keys to Trump's Agenda on Taxes and Obamacare

Ever Hear of Mick Mulvaney? Why He Holds the Keys to Trump's Agenda on Taxes and Obamacare Read Transcript

Well, Congress will soon consider President Trump's top

financial priorities-- taxes and health care.

And David Brody talked with one of the president's key point

men on both issues, his budget director, Mick Mulvaney.

When it comes to movers and shakers inside Washington DC,

look no further than White House budget director Mick Mulvaney.

He's not only the main number cruncher

when it comes to the budget.

He's a key participant in making sure President Trump's policy

agenda gets to the finish line.

And that includes tax reform and repealing Obamacare.

Trending in the news lately is this big final push

in the Senate on a bill to replace Obamacare.

A vote is scheduled for next week.

Mulvaney made an appearance on CBN's Faith Nation program

on Facebook, where he talked about the prospects.

I think if you ask me how many votes it has as of today, 48,

49 maybe, which last time I checked is not enough.

50 is the threshold.

DAVID BRODY: The budget director is keenly aware

that senators will be waiting to see the costs associated

with the bill.

A preliminary Congressional Budget Office report

will be out next week, but Mulvaney

says even if the CBO's numbers don't look

good, that shouldn't matter.

While their data is required, it's

been wrong a lot in the past.

DAVID BRODY: Mulvaney and the White House

are also juggling tax reform.

The big move to pass that is set for this fall.

Do you think that there will be

a bill on the president's desk by, say, the end of the year?

I hope so.

That's still the president's top priority.

If you've got listeners watching this show or viewers watching

this show who are 30 years old, they've

never had a job in a truly healthy American economy.

That's defined as 3% or greater.

So we want to try and get back to that.

And tax reform is a central piece

of that, which is why we've been working so hard on it.

DAVID BRODY: No specifics on the plan yet,

except that we know President Trump wants

to see a much lower tax rate on businesses, down to 15%.

That's the centerpiece, but is it non-negotiable?

MICK MULVANEY: Nothing's set in stone in Washington.

But if you ask the president what his priorities are

on the tax reform bill specifically,

that 15% rate is absolutely critical to us.


Because we want to go back to that 3% economic growth.

You have to have more investment in the country.

The way you drive GDP growth is a function

of the number of people working multiplied

by how productive they are.

DAVID BRODY: When it comes to Mulvaney's priorities

for the federal budget, the one that gets the most high profile

attention is the wall.

MICK MULVANEY: I want to make it very clear

that the wall absolutely continues to be

a priority for the president.

DAVID BRODY: How to pay for it is another matter.

The Trump administration wants $1.6 billion.

Most Democrats don't want it at all.

And even a decent sized group of Republicans aren't sure either.

Trump's "Art of the Deal" will have to come into play,

something Mulvaney saw for himself recently

when the president cut a deal with the two top Dems

in Congress, Chuck and Nancy.

How concerned should conservatives

be about what we're hearing so much

about, this new bipartisan, Chuck and Nancy, wheeling

and dealing?

There's not concern at all.

I think what you've seen now is the president more

interested in getting results.

When you are the president and you're

interested in passing an agenda, maybe it's not that unusual

for you to step back and say, OK,

who can help me get this stuff done?

As for that meeting with the president and Chuck and Nancy,

he says he was right there in the room,

had a front row seat for all of it.

He calls it fascinating times, and stories

that he's going to tell his grandchildren

about one day in the future.

David Brody, CBN News, Washington.


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