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Grover Norquist: Time For U.S. to Play Catch Up on Tax Reform

Grover Norquist: Time For U.S. to Play Catch Up on Tax Reform Read Transcript

It's not very often that an opportunity

to work with the President comes around like this.

Talk about the magnitude of this moment.

Well, the United States has fallen behind other countries

on how we tax business.

We tax more destructively American businesses

than French people treat French businesses, or Britain,

or Canada, or these other countries.

So we've got a lot of-- we've going to catch up 30 or 40

years of falling behind.

Because when the rest of the world

saw Reagan's tax cuts at the individual level worked

so well, they jumped in and started

cutting business taxes as well.

The European average tax on companies is 23%.

We're at 35% federal, plus an average of about 5%

at the state level.

So 40% roughly, against 23.

We compete with Ireland at 12-1/2.

We're not competitive internationally.

We're going to go from being the worst

taxer of our own businesses.

Japan used to be stupider, and then they decided not to.

So now we're the stupidest.

We're going from 35 down to 15, which will make us

one of the lowest in the world.

So that is a radical, dramatic shift.

I talked to people from Switzerland,

businessmen in Switzerland.

They said we'll be investing in the US if that happens.

I talked to the Australian treasury people.

And they said-- they're at 30, we're at 35.

They said, you guys go to 15, we have to follow you,

or we can't compete.

So we've been doing a lot of damage

to our jobs, our businesses over the last 30 years

by being out of line and behind everyone else.

We're going to play catch up very quickly.


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