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60 Rescued from Mexico Quake Rubble, but Mystery Girl Didn't Exist

60 Rescued from Mexico Quake Rubble, but Mystery Girl Didn't Exist Read Transcript

HEATHER SELLS: Mexico, three days after an earthquake rocked

the area around the capitol.

50 people have been rescued so far, including this woman.

Firefighters eased her out of a hole in the ceiling.

The death toll has climbed to above 270.

What's agonizing for so many--

waiting to find out if their loved ones are alive.


HEATHER SELLS: This woman says, I

think that is what kills us the most--

the desperation of not knowing.

CBN's Operation Blessing is working

at four different locations in the Puebla region.

The needs are critical and basic.

Water is needed, as is food.

A mobile kitchen is serving 1,000 meals a day.

Operation blessing is also handing out hygiene supplies

and sheltering those unable to stay in their homes.

Operation Blessing's David Darg explains.

Local officials have told the residents

of this and many other towns around here that it's not

safe to stay in your home--

if you still have a home.

And so the tents that you see being erected behind me

are vital.

HEATHER SELLS: Operation Blessing's staff is also

working in Oaxaca, where another earthquake struck

earlier this month--

a reminder of so many needs after

multiple natural disasters in such a short time.

Heather Sells, CBN News.


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