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Heartbreak and Devastation in Puerto Rico, What's Next for Hurricane Maria?

Heartbreak and Devastation in Puerto Rico, What's Next for Hurricane Maria? Read Transcript



left a devastating path in Puerto Rico

with trees knocked over and widespread flooding.

As you can see power lines-- they are down everywhere,

the electrical grid in Puerto Rico is smashed,

and utility officials there won't even begin to comment

on when the power might come back.

HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): Because of the territory's debt

crisis, the island's power company

abandoned most basic maintenance in recent years.


HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): Puerto Rico's 3 million

people now begin the task of cleaning up,

but that's extremely difficult with more than 30 inches

of rain in 24 hours.

Many streets are submerged or impassable,

authorities are still rescuing people

from their flooded homes.

The governor himself headed out overnight

with the National Guard to rescue families.

The Coast Guard released this dramatic video

showing the rescue of three people from an overturned boat.

For most on the island right now a desperate need for supplies.

We need diesel for the generator.

We need light.

We need water.


to start flying three to four military planes a day

to the island to deliver water, food, and shelter while Puerto

Rico struggles to open its ports.

Cell phone and internet service here are almost non-existent.

On the island of Dominica, Maria is

blamed for at least 15 deaths and total devastation.

Roads are ripped and huge trees uprooted,

there's debris everywhere.

The prime minister said it's a miracle there

weren't hundreds of deaths and made an emotional plea

for help.

If anybody's listening to me--

helicopter services are going to be

critical to get the supplies to people.


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