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World Series Pitcher Aids Operation Blessing Disaster Relief

World Series champion, Curt Shilling, shows up at Operation Blessing’s Hurricane Harvey disaster relief command center to donate recovery supplies in Rockport, TX. Read Transcript


MAN: Operation Blessing has provided

disaster relief response in Rockport, Texas, for weeks.

On one afternoon, three-time World Series pitcher Curt

Schilling pulled in, driving an RV

with a horse trailer attached, full of generators, chainsaws,

dehumidifiers, heavy duty garbage bags, work gloves,

and more to unload.

I'm just facilitating the transportation of the item.

So this is the town of Medfield, Massachusetts,

and actually, all of the state of Massachusetts.

MAN: Curt says people from all over Massachusetts donated

money, and then disaster supplies

were purchased to aid in the massive recovery

effort needed in the Gulf.

I told people, think about walking out of your front door

with your family, soaking wet, and then walking down

to your high school gym and living for four months.

What would you need every day?

I was headed into Houston and out of the state,

and I kept getting texts about Rockport.

And I knew I'd heard Rockport had been devastated,

and so had Aransas and a bunch of other places around here.

So I said, I've got to do this.

Curt and the people of Massachusetts

wanted to ensure that all of these recovery supplies

went directly to the people.

So they chose Operation Blessing, right here

in Rockport-- the place Hurricane Harvey first

made landfall.

Well, I look for and get involved

with companies and places and people and organizations that

give direct.

And I'm doing that down here.

But this is also one of those operations that--

you're boots on the ground.

You're here.

You're handing stuff directly to people,

and they're going to their homes to fix them.

MAN: Curt spoke with Operation Blessing's deployment manager

in Rockport, Sheila Griffin, and asked

her to text him a list of what they needed

He was about 100 miles outside of Rockport

and said, Sheila, tell me your needs.

Whatever you need, I will deliver it tomorrow afternoon.

It's really kind of overwhelming to think

that there's an individual or group of individuals,

even, that want to come out and do that for, literally,

people they don't know at all.

And it just is a testament to mankind

and to those who want to be the hands and feet of Jesus,

to literally make that happen.

MAN: I made a stop at the Home Depot

and had the ultimate guy shopping spree.

Cameras are going to leave here, if they haven't already left,

and the disaster doesn't go with them.

It stays here.

And these people are rebuilding.

And groups like Operation Blessing

will be here through pretty much all the phases.

And I like that.


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