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News on The 700 Club: September 22, 2017

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Sept. 22: 60 people rescued from Mexico earthquake rubble, but time is running out; President Trump announces Chinese banks to stop business with North Korea, and more. Read Transcript

Well, welcome to "The 700 Club."

North Korea is threatening to detonate a hydrogen

bomb over the Pacific Ocean.

It's the latest escalation in the growing

tension between the United States and North Korea.

The bomb threat comes after President Trump imposed

the toughest sanctions yet on the rogue nation,

going after individuals, companies, and banks

doing business with North Korea.

National security correspondent Erik Rosales has the story.

These are the toughest sanctions we've seen against

Kim Jong-un.

President Trump says, for much too long,

North Korea has been allowed to use

the international financial system to fund

its nuclear missile program.

Foreign banks will face a clear choice.

Do business with the United States

or facilitate trade with the lawless regime in North Korea.

And they won't have so much trade.

ERIK ROSALES: The new sanctions not

only allow the United States to go after those trading

with North Korea.

It can also freeze the assets of individuals, businesses,

and banks doing business with Pyongyang.

The president praised China, announcing

its banking system will quit doing business

with the rogue nation, as well.

China is North Korea's main trading partner,

which allows the regime to launder drug and illegal arms


A new executive order will cut off sources of revenue

that fund North Korea's efforts to develop the deadliest

weapons known to humankind.

ERIK ROSALES: The president said the Treasury Department will

target industries like textiles, information

technology, manufacturing, and even ships coming into ports.

Being able to block financial transactions.

We'll be working very closely with the Coast Guard and others

on this.

I'm not prepared to give you a number,

but it's very significant.

And further, we can put actions against ports, as well.

ERIK ROSALES: Kim Jong-un fired back at President Trump,

calling him deranged, and said in a statement

that he will pay dearly for his threats.

While diplomacy is the priority, Pentagon Top Brass

tells CBN News the United States must still

face the reality of military options.


there are prepared to fight tonight.

They have that ironclad alliance with the Republic

of Korea and Japan.

And we're prepared to deal with any option or situation that

should occur on the Korean peninsula.

Just this week, Defense Secretary James Mattis

told members of his military we need to let our adversaries

know that it's better to deal with the State Department

than to deal in combat with the Department of Defense.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

Well, let us pray this never gets

to be a shooting war because the consequences would

be absolutely horrific.

Just imagine a nuclear weapon going off in Seoul, Korea.

The number of people who would be killed is just--

it would be staggering.

And even if a nuclear weapon doesn't go off,

the amount of artillery that North Korea has

trained on the capital of South Korea

is literally beyond imagining.

They could blanket shell that city

in the space of five minutes.

This is a powder keg.

And as Christians, we need to pray for peace here.

Are we seeing wars and rumors of wars,

not just in Korea but around the world?


And let's hope this one stays as a rumor of war.

In other news, the Supreme Court may be soon taking up

some very important cases involving religious liberties.

John Jessup has that story from our CBN News Bureau

in Washington.


And Gordon, that includes a growing number of cases

that involve forcing Christian businesses to provide

their products for same sex weddings and the freedom

of speech.

Paul Strand brings us that story.

It seems controversies over our religious liberties

are popping up more and more all the time.

And these being the times they are, that means, inevitably,

they're gonna end up before the courts, even

the nation's highest court.

PAUL STRAND: These legal experts looked

at some of those likely cases, such as the one involving

the masterpiece cake shop.

The state of Colorado punished baker Jack Phillips

for refusing to make a cake celebrating a same sex wedding.

His side is represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom.

The Supreme Court has said that the Free Speech Clause

protects all kinds of speech.

And that includes artistic expression.

Jack's cakes are art.

His masterpiece cake shop has been referred

to as an art gallery of cakes.

PAUL STRAND: There's a similar case

involving a same sex wedding and a Washington State florist.

In fact, in this case, and also in Arlene's Flowers,

Jack Phillips and Baronelle Stutzman

would, in fact, serve and sell products to LGBT customers.

He would have even sold custom cakes,

provided that it was not expression,

that it was going to be part of a same sex wedding.

PAUL STRAND: But Louise Melling of the ACLU

characterized the case as a clear cut

example of discrimination.

So it's hard for me to understand how a same sex

wedding isn't about same sex people, which

is about sexual orientation.

Are we, as a society, going to turn

every observant Christian, Jew, Muslim

into a member of the KKK?

I mean, is that how we want to handle

this tension in our society?

PAUL STRAND: Meanwhile, the Supreme Court may decide,

September 25th, whether it takes up a California

law that critics say bullies pro-life pregnancy centers.

Wagner says the case asked if those anti-abortion senators--

--can, essentially, be forced to refer for low cost

abortions, to notify those women,

who they're trying the help, that they could seek

an abortion through a state program.

And that's unconstitutional.

You can't force people to engage in that kind of speech.

PAUL STRAND: Court watchers believe

if the high court takes the case,

it could likely mean victory for the pro-life pregnancy centers

because the justices often side with free speech.

There are very stiff penalties that are in place

under this California law.

And we've seen other states, other courts that have struck

down these kinds of laws.

But California continues to persist

in really trampling on the free speech rights of those who are

involved in pro-life issues.

So, as in most years, the Supreme Court's

going to take up at least one big religious liberty

case and maybe even several.

Paul Strand, CBN News, Capitol Hill.

Thanks, Paul.

Hurricane Maria is headed towards the Turks and Caicos

Islands and the Bahamas today, with 125 mile an hour winds.

It's already left a path of destruction

in the Caribbean, all while people in Mexico

still try to dig out from this week's massive earthquake.

Heather Sells has that story.

HEATHER SELLS: Maria has left a devastating path

in Puerto Rico, with trees knocked

over and widespread flooding.

As you can see, power lines, they are down everywhere.

The electrical grid in Puerto Rico is smashed.

And utility officials there won't even

begin to comment on when the power might come back.

Because of the territory's debt crisis,

the island's power company abandoned most basic

maintenance in recent years.

Puerto Rico's 3 million people now

begin the task of cleaning up.

But that's extremely difficult. With more than 30 inches

of rain in 24 hours, many streets

are submerged or impassable.

Authorities are still rescuing people

from their flooded homes.

The governor, himself, headed out overnight

with the National Guard to rescue families.

The Coast Guard released this dramatic video,

showing the rescue of three people from an overturned boat.

For most on the island right now,

a desperate need for supplies.

We need diesel for the generator.

We need light.

We need water.

HEATHER SELLS: FEMA plans to start

flying three to four military planes a day

to the island to deliver water, food, and shelter,

while Puerto Rico struggles to open its ports.

Cell phone and internet service here are almost non-existent.

On the island of Dominica, Maria is

blamed for at least 15 deaths and total devastation.

Roads are ripped and huge trees uprooted.

There's debris everywhere.

The prime minister said it's a miracle there

weren't hundreds of deaths and made an emotional plea

for help.

If anybody's listening to me, helicopter services

are gonna be critical to get the supplies to people.

HEATHER SELLS: And recovery efforts

are also underway in Mexico, three days

after an earthquake rocked the area around the capital.

50 people have been rescued so far, including this woman.

Firefighters eased her out of a hole in the ceiling.

The death toll has climbed to above 270.

What's agonizing for so many, waiting to find out

if their loved ones are alive.


HEATHER SELLS: This woman says, "I

think that is what kills us the most, the desperation of not


CBN's Operation Blessing is working

at four different locations in the Pueblo region.

The needs are critical and basic.

Water is needed, as is food.

A mobile kitchen is serving 1,000 meals a day.

Operation Blessing is also handing out hygiene supplies

and sheltering those unable to stay in their homes.

Operation Blessing's David Darg explains.

Local officials have told the residents

of this and many other towns around here

that it's not safe to stay in your home,

if you still have a home.

And so the tents that you see being erected behind me

are vital.

HEATHER SELLS: Operation Blessing staff

is also working in Oaxaca, where another earthquake struck

earlier this month, a reminder of so many

needs after multiple natural disasters in such a short time.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

Gordon, as Heather just said, so many natural disasters,

so many people hurting, in need, and Operation Blessing

right there on the scene.

And if you want to be a part of it,

we're out there in your name.

And if you want to contribute to the effort, call us now.


Just say, I want to give to the Operation Blessing Disaster

Relief Fund.

The address there is CBN Center, Virginia Beach, Virginia,


Or you can go to

But speed your gift.

There's so many different areas we're working,

whether that's in Texas for the--

still, the recovery from that horrible hurricane, in Florida,

now the earthquake in Mexico, now

Maria hitting the islands in the Caribbean.

We're getting stretched thin.

We need help.

So if you want to help those who need it most, join with us.



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