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Tim Tebow's CURE Hospital Gives Little Girl New Start in Life

Tim Tebow's CURE Hospital Gives Little Girl New Start in Life Read Transcript

The weekend is here and we want

to leave you with an uplifting story from the Philippines.

Talia Wise brings us this week's good news.

Take a look.

A little girl in the Philippines

is getting the chance to be a kid again, thanks

to the help of Tim Tebow.

TALIA WISE: A tragic accident turned Josie's life

upside down.

The five-year-old girl was only 19 months old when

her family's home caught fire.

Josie escaped, but the flames severely

burned her arms and back.

Her family rushed her to get help,

but the clinic was not equipped to properly treat her.

Without the right care, Josie's burnt skin

began to tighten and disform her arms and hands.

That made it impossible for Josie

to play or go to school for the next three years.

She had those arms.

I felt really bad because she couldn't pay for the surgery.

I prayed every night and I prayed

she would have the surgery so she could go to school.

TALIA WISE: God answered her prayers.

A charity worker in their village

connected the family to Tim Tebow's Cure Hospital

in Davao city.

DOCTOR: She has a very complex problem,

because you have joints in the fingers, the wrist, the elbows,

and the sholder all have to be addressed.

So what we want to do is try to restore the function.

Now I can see Josie's very happy.

She's happy all the time.

TALIA WISE: Josie is now able to use her arms and shoulders.

She can draw, color, and ride a bike.

She even got the chance to hear about Jesus

while in the hospital.

I make it a point that I share the gospel with them.

I tell them Bible stories and I assure them

that they are loved by God and God

has a wonderful plan for them and that God

sent Jesus Christ for them.

TALIA WISE: The quarterback, turned baseball player,

says it's his ultimate goal to give children hope.

TIM TEBOW: Every single person is worth it.

They are worth love.

They are worth us giving what we have for them.

Because ultimately, what is more important?

What is going to be bigger?

What is going to be better than giving someone hope?

Thanks to the cure hospital, Josie can now enjoy her life.

Well that's it for this edition of CBN Good News.

Until next time, take time to spread

a little bit of good news.


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