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A 'National Humility Crisis': Why This Week of Repentance Can Lead to a Second American Revolution

A 'National Humility Crisis': Why This Week of Repentance Can Lead to a Second American Revolution Read Transcript

Many Christians sincerely believe

this land needs an awakening, a revival, a reformation.

But as the founder of the National Week of Repentance

tells us here in York, Pennsylvania,

where he's a pastor, you don't get any of those

without a serious season of repenting first.

I think our nation is in the midst of a massive humility


And the only thing that's going to turn it around,

is a genuine movement of real repentance.

I think in a lot of instances, many Christians

are trying to get other people to follow a Jesus that we're

not following ourselves.

PAUL STRAND: This senior pastor at York's Grace Fellowship

says the week runs September 24th to October 1st,

and he reminds people the II Chronicles 7:14

scripture everyone loves, because it offers

national healing, starts with a call for God's people

to turn from their sins.

It's not about trying to affect change in the nation

out there, it's inviting God to begin with each

and every one of us in our own hearts,

in our own lives, and our own families

and our houses of worship.

NARRATOR: America needs healing.

Our lives need healing.

Our families need healing.

The National Week of Repentance

is a simultaneous nationwide movement of God and his people.

And it's driven by the greatest celebrity

that the world has ever known, The Lord Jesus Christ.

NARRATOR: All you need to do is go to

to participate.

PAUL STRAND: There you'll find, for free,

all the online resources and live stream of events

you'll need to fully take part.

We've provided tools for people

to repent, to apologize, to do some time

personally reflecting before the Lord,

and cleaning their own house.

Jesus said, remove the log in your own eye,

then you'll be able to remove the speck in your brother's


That's what the Week of Repentance is all about.

This high tech internet age may have given us easier paths

to sin and temptation, but it also allows the people of God

to all connect with each other and go deeper spiritually.

And those who put this together say

you can start right now by going online

to join this nationwide move to repent.

Paul Strand, CBN News, reporting from York, Pennsylvania.

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