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Trump's Tough Start to the New Week, from North Korea to the NFL

Trump's Tough Start to the New Week, from North Korea to the NFL Read Transcript

: A new travel ban is on the way that now includes North


President Trump signed a proclamation

over the weekend that adds not only North Korea, but Venezuela

and Chad to the original list of terror prone countries.

This comes as tensions continue to mount with the regime.

Trump tweeting Saturday, just heard

foreign minister of North Korea speak at UN.

If he echoes thoughts of little rocket man,

they won't be around much longer.

The address began as the Pentagon announced a major show

of military strength.

The US sending bombers and fighter jets

along the coast of North Korea.

Farther north than any American planes have gone in decades.

[SINGING]Oh say can you see--

JENNA BROWDER: Back here at home,

the president brought the NFL protests back

into the national spotlight.

Taking on the league and players who

refuse to stand for the national anthem.

Speaking out against them in a political rally in Alabama,

and once again taking to Twitter.

If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players

stop disrespecting our flag and country,

you will see change take place fast.

Fire or suspend.

About 200 players responded in kind,

some owners supporting them and some teams, like the Steelers,

Seahawks, and Titans, even refusing

to take the field for the national anthem.

A week ago, just six NFL players protested.

MAN: Mr. Portman.

JENNA BROWDER: Here in Washington,

on Capitol Hill, the battle for a new Republican measure

to replace Obamacare appears to be on life support.

SUSAN COLLINS: It's very difficult for me

to envision a scenario where I would end up

voting for this bill.

JENNA BROWDER: Senator Susan Collins

confirming she's still leaning against the Graham Cassady


The legislation appears to be heading toward defeat,

with senators John McCain, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz against it.

But Senate Republicans are making changes

to try to save it.

Health care reform or not, the White House

is moving ahead on tax reform.

With Axios reporting, Trump could unveil a plan

in a speech on Wednesday.

This will be a starting point for tax reform.

The president laying out its framework.

It will reportedly include a tax break for businesses

from 35% to 20%.

In Washington Jenna Browder, CBN News.

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