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CBN Global Update: September 25, 2017

CBN's Spanish program, Vida Dura, is seeing a dramatic increase in people reached through social media! In just September there has been a 300% increase in online activity. Read Transcript

Well CBN Spanish program "Vida Dura"

is having a huge effect in Latin America,

with a dramatic increase in its online audience.

Much of that growth is through social media.

"Vida Dura" shows real life stories

of people who rely on God in tough times, a message that

resonates with viewers.

In the first week of September, the program

reached 1.2 million people.

And in the same time, the videos on its social pages

hit nearly 365,000 views.

"Vida Dura" looks forward to sharing the gospel with more

people through social media.

Well, you can find out more about CBN and what we're doing

around the world by going to


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