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News on The 700 Club: September 25, 2017

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Sept. 25: Trump's tough start to the new week, from North Korea to the NFL; Luther Strange or Roy Moore? How Alabama voters are leaning before the big vote; How one Free Burma Ranger risked it all to save one ... Read Transcript

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.

I don't know if you guys watch pro-football at all.

But there was a really exciting game yesterday.

Did you see it?


I didn't see it.

The Eagles were playing-- who were they playing?

They were playing the Giants.

And the score at the end was tied.

And with a minute, or it was 10 seconds, I think, left to go,

the Eagles throw a pass.

And they connect with a pass.

He does.

It goes out of grounds, and so it stops the clock.

He's got one to two seconds left.


And they give the ball to this rookie.

And he kicks the field goal 61 yards.

WENDY GRIFFITH: And they won the game.

And they won the game.

Yeah, they carried him out on their shoulders.

It's an unusual thing to hear the field goal kickers.

So it was kind of fun.

All that stuff about Trump, and the guys

taking a knee and everything, that

was lost on those of us who like to watch football.

All right, a new travel ban, taking on North Korea,

protesting NFL players, health care, and tax reform--

that's enough news to fill headlines for weeks.

And President Trump is dealing with all those issues

right now.

Indeed, the biggest issues in Washington this week

will be trying to replace Obamacare and the president's

new tax plan.

Jenna Browder brings us the story.

A new travel ban is on the way that now includes North Korea.

President Trump signed a proclamation

over the weekend that adds not only North Korea, but Venezuela

and Chad to the original list of terror-prone countries.

This comes as tensions continue to mount with the regime.

Trump tweeting Saturday, "Just heard

Foreign Minister of North Korea speak

at U.N. If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man,

they won't be around much longer!"

The address began as the Pentagon announced a major show

of military strength.

The US sending bombers and fighter jets

along the coast of North Korea, farther north

than any American planes have gone in decades.

MAN: [SINGING] Oh, say, can you see?

JENNA BROWDEN: Back here at home,

the president brought the NFL protests back

into the national spotlight, taking

on the league and players who refused

to stand for the national anthem,

speaking out against them in a political rally in Alabama,

and once again, taking to Twitter.

"If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players

stop disrespecting our Flag and Country,

you will see change take place fast.

Fire or suspend!"

About 200 players responded in kind,

some owners supporting them and some teams, like the Steelers,

Seahawks, and Titans, even refusing

to take the field for the national anthem.

A week ago, just six NFL players protested.


JENNA BROWDEN: Here in Washington on Capitol Hill,

the battle for a new Republican measure to replace Obamacare

appears to be on life support.

It's very difficult for me to envision a scenario

where I would end up voting for this bill.

JENNA BROWDEN: Senator Susan Collins

confirming she's still leaning against the Graham-Cassidy


The legislation appears to be heading toward defeat,

with senators John McCain, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz against it.

But Senate Republicans are making changes

to try to save it.

Health care reform or not, the White House is moving ahead

on tax reform, with Axios reporting

Trump could unveil a plan in a speech on Wednesday.

This will be a starting point for tax reform, the president

laying out its framework.

It will reportedly include a tax break for businesses

from 35% to 20%.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

You know, I, for one, can't understand what's

going on with the Republicans.

The so-called Affordable Care Act,

known as Obamacare was passed with not one Republican, not

nothing bipartisan about it, not one Republican voted for it.

It was a Democrat measure, and it

was jammed through late night.

Harry Reid put it through, and not any debate

of any substance.

And you remember Nancy Pelosi said, well,

we've got to pass the bill to find out what's in it.

Nobody knew what was in it.

It was just filled with complexity, hundreds

and hundreds of pages of regulation,

taxes, incredible distortion to the economy.

It was unbelievable what was done.

Now for example, if a business has 30 employees or more,

they will be subject to the Obamacare taxes.

If they have less than 30, so if they

can keep their full-time employment down,

so what this has been is a job killer for all across America.

It's a horrible bill.

Now these exchanges are raising premiums as much as 200%.

Some of the states in the West are just

seeing extraordinary expenses.

And people are dying under the burden of Obamacare.

So what are the Republicans do?

They have a president who will sign a bill into law

that will change this thing.

And they refuse to do it.

So John McCain stands up.

I mean, this is insane.

He campaigned on appealing repealing Obamacare.

And then he stands up and says, I'm the man at the charge.

But this thing is iniquitous.

And I hope the president will do everything he can.

Congress has carved out for themselves an exemption.

And what do they do?

I mean, this is Washington, ladies and gentlemen.

They have said the Senate and the House are small businesses,

small businesses.

They're in charge of multibillion dollars

of spending and all kinds of thousands

of people working for them.

They're a small business.

Therefore, under the small business exemption,

it's appropriate for the employer

to subsidize the health care expenses.

And so all of the people in the Congress, all the people who

work for Congress, all of the federal bureaucrats

at the top level, are now exempted because they're

in a small business.

And that means the government is going

to pick up 73% of their expenses of health care.

The average American doesn't realize

that that's what they've done.

So if they stick it to you and me,

it doesn't hurt them one bit.

So it's time the president says, look, we're sorry.

These are no longer small businesses.

Secondly, he should not give any money

whatsoever to make it easier on those exchanges to operate.

And he ought to let the thing collapse.

And it's going to collapse of its own weight.

It is just horrible what is happening.

And this is something that you and I need to be aware of.

So I can't believe the hypocrisy of these Republicans

saying, well, we're going to stand with Obamacare.

Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins from Maine,

and of course, Rand Paul, who knows what he's thinking?

And then John McCain, that is the height of hypocrisy.

Isn't that awful?

It's horrible.

I don't understand.

I don't get it.

I don't get it.

PAT ROBERTSON: The government is paying 2/3 of their premiums.

And the American people aren't aware of that.

And we don't get 2/3 of our premiums paid.

But they get 2/3 of their premiums paid by their employer

because they're classified as small businesses, the Congress,

the House, and the Senate.

WENDY GRIFFITH: It's not right.

Well it's time Trump said, no.

With an executive order, he can say these

are no longer small businesses.

And all of a sudden, they will no longer

be able to get the federal subsidy.

And then when the shoe begins to pinch their feet,

then they'll begin the vote right.

That's the way it is.

It's not, as Ronald Reagan said so cogently

it isn't necessary that they see the light,

but that they feel the heat.

Time to get the heat on.

Well in other news.

A man will be charged with murder and attempted murder

after a church shooting in Tennessee on Sunday.

John Jessup has that.

That's right, Pat.

One person is dead and seven others injured after the gunman

walked into that Tennessee church and started shooting.

The pastor yelled for everyone to run right

after the gunman entered Burnette Chapel

Church of Christ in Antioch, just outside Nashville.

A gunman arrived in the parking lot.

One woman who was walking to her vehicle

was immediately fatally wounded by the gunman,

who we believe then entered the rear of the church.

He was just shooting.

He was just shooting.

JOHN JESSUP: 22-year-old church usher Robert Engle

confronted the gunman and eventually held him at gunpoint

until police arrived.

Police have identified the attacker

as 25-year-old Sudanese immigrant Emmanuel Sampson.

He had attended the church before,

and police are investigating a motive.

Sampson faces at least one murder charge,

and more charges are expected.

A federal civil rights investigation

has been opened as well.

While Republican Senator Luther Strange

could lose the Alabama Special Election tomorrow,

the race is to fill the seat of former Senator Jeff

Sessions, now President Trump's Attorney General.

Luther Strange has filled the seat since February.

And President Trump has campaigned for him,

as is Vice President Mike Pence.

But former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore

has been leading in the polls.

Moore was the judge who refused to remove a Ten Commandments

monument from the state judicial building, when

the federal court ordered him to.

Polls have shown the race tightening.

If Moore wins, it could lead to other conservative challengers

against incumbent Republicans.

Pat, back to you.

I don't understand politics.

But I don't understand smarts.

And I do understand smarts.

And I can't understand why the president would get himself

into a primary in a state like Alabama,

when Roy Moore agrees with the president on everything.

And to come against a man who agrees with you on everything

and who is leading in the polls is not smart.

And I mean, why would you do it?

Why would the president risk his prestige,

because it looks like Roy Moore is going to win that thing.

So we'll see.

All right, John.

Pat, Iraqi Kurds are voting today

in a referendum to gain their independence from Baghdad.

The Kurdish people are the largest ethnic group

in the world without a country of their own.

Millions live throughout the Middle East,

including Turkey, Syria and Iran.

Now while the referendum may fulfill

the dreams of the Kurds, it could also

upset an already fragile region.

Chris Mitchell brings us that story

from the Iraqi city of Erbil in Kurdistan.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Streets are lined throughout Erbil

with flags and banners, urging voters to choose independence.

This is the center of Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan,

one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

But today's Kurds are looking at this referendum as finally

their opportunity for a free and independent Kurdistan.

This is a good opportunity for all Kurdish people

to go on the box and say yes for referendum.

If we will not do the referendum now,

when we really do it?

I feel great because this is our dream from

our great-grandfather.

This is the dream for all Kurdish,

to have our own country.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Despite that enthusiasm,

neighbors Turkey, Iran, Syria, and the Iraqi government

in Baghdad see an independent Kurdistan

as a threat to their own governments.

Even the US called the vote "provocative and

destabilizing," and said it would distract

from the fight against ISIS.

Analyst saying Ceng Sagnic says the Kurdish government

has something to prove

It is very important for the Kurds to show to the world

that their independence will not cause instability.

And they have been trying to show this, that they are not

going to wage any war, be it proxy or be it conventional,

to Turkey or Iran or whatever, any neighboring countries.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Norwegian Per Ove Berg,

who is serving as an international observer,

believes this could be a significant moment

for the Middle East.


think it's extremely important.

You can read in the Bible that certain periods of history,

and that God will allow changes to happen.

He will redraw borders, actually.

In Acts 17, he says it's so that the people might seek him.

CHRIS MITCHELL: That's why he has a message for Christians

on the eve of the referendum.


These days are extremely crucial for this area.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Erbil, Kurdistan.

Thanks, Chris.

Pat, I know you've been supportive of the Kurds

over the years.

They are wonderful people.

The Kurds have set up a wonderful organization.

Their government is superb.

They are a very giving, very law-abiding people.

What they have in that Erbil area and in their enclave,

it has been the model of democracy.

And it seems like, to me, it's time--

let's face it.

Iraq was an arbitrary assembly by the European powers.

It wasn't the formal Iraq before.

It was Mesopotamia.

But they were tribal things.

The Kurds deserve.

There's an enclave of Kurds in Syria,

enclave of Kurds in Iraq, an enclave of Kurds in Turkey.

They ought to be able to have their own country.

They deserve it.

They are wonderful people.

And we ought to stand with their independence

because the organization that's been running Iraq

has been hideously corrupt.

And the Kurds have Kirkuk, which is a big oil-producing area

inside of their own domain.

They have free markets.

They have all kinds of independent businesses.

They are terrific people.

They have been some of the most courageous fighters

against ISIS, even their women.

You're exactly right.

The Peshmerga have been very strong,

and the other about Kurdish fighters, exactly.

In history, there was a guy named Saladin.

You hear about him?

Saladin was the great conqueror who beat the Crusaders.

Saladin was a Kurd.

He was a great general.

But anyway, the Turks won't like it.

Well tough luck.

The Turks are dictatorial.

They're building an Islamic caliphate in Turkey.

And Erdogan is clearly a dictator.

And the government of Iraq is dysfunctional.

Why not give them their freedom?

I think it's time.

And I think the officials in Washington

need to recognize that these have been wonderful fighters,

as Wendy points out.

They have been wonderful allies.

And they deserve their own state.

There's a piece of Syria, which is now contested.

It can go into an independent Kurdistan.

There's a piece of Iraq, which is now

under their control, which ought to go in an independent.

And maybe down the road, there would be a piece of Turkey

that ought to go into that as a part

of an independent Kurdistan.

And it would be a wonderful addition

to the family of nations.

John, what do you have?

Pat, officials in Puerto Rico are worried that a dam there

could fail, threatening the lives of some 70,000 people.

If it breaks, it could trigger a potential serious flash flood,

after heavy rains from Hurricane Maria caused severe damage.

Puerto Rico also faces a serious power outage after the storm.

And in Mexico, searches are still

under way for survivors from last week's

devastating earthquake, which made thousands homeless.

Operation Blessing is on the scene with food, water,

and other relief supplies.

Well, after Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast,

people from around the country went down there to help,

including several celebrities.

And when baseball legend Curt Schilling arrived on the scene,

he decided to team up with Operation Blessing.

REPORTER [VOICEOVER]:: Operation Blessing

has provided disaster relief response

in Rockport Texas for weeks.

And one afternoon, three-time World Series pitcher Curt

Schilling pulled in, driving an RV

with a horse trailer attached, full of generators, chainsaws,

dehumidifiers, heavy duty garbage bags, work gloves,

and more to unload.

I'm just facilitating the transportation of the items.

So this is the town of Bedford, Massachusetts, and actually

all of the state of Massachusetts.

REPORTER [VOICEOVER]:: Curt says people

from all over Massachusetts donated money.

And then disaster supplies were purchased

to aid in the massive recovery effort needed in the Gulf.

I told people, think about walking out of your front door

with your family, soaking wet, and then walking down

your high school gym and living for a month.

What would you need everyday?

I was headed into Houston and out of the state,

and I kept getting texts about Rockport.

And I knew I'd heard Rockport had been devastated,

and so had Aransas and a bunch of other places around here.

So I said, I've got to do this.

REPORTER [VOICEOVER]:: Curt and the people

of Massachusetts wanted to ensure

that all of these recovery supplies

went directly to the people.

So they chose Operation Blessing right here

in Rockport, the place Hurricane Harvey first made landfall.

What I look for it and get involved

with companies, and places, and people,

and organizations that give direct.

And now I'm doing that down here.

But this is also one of those operations

that your boots are on the ground.

You're here.

You're handing stuff directly to people.

And they're going to their homes to fix them.

REPORTER [VOICEOVER]:: Curt spoke with Operation Blessing's

Deployment Manager in Rockport, Sheila Griffin,

and asked her to text him a list of what they needed.

SHEILA GRIFFIN: He was about 100 miles outside of Rockport,

said Sheila, tell me your needs.

Whatever you need, I will deliver it tomorrow afternoon.

It's really kind of overwhelming to think

that there's an individual, or group of individuals, even,

that want to come out and do that for literally,

people they don't know at all.

And it is just a testament to mankind

and to those who want to be the hands and feet of Jesus,

to literally make that happen.

I made a stop at the Home Depot

and had like the ultimate guy shopping spree.

Cameras are going to leave here, if they haven't already left.

And the disaster doesn't go with them.

It stays here, and these people are rebuilding.

And groups like Operation Blessing

will be here through pretty much all the phases.

And I like that.

Pat, that's great to see.

And the work of Operation Blessing still goes on.

I have in my hand a list.

This is one day's report of the volunteer work that is being

done with Operation Blessing.

Every time somebody has a need, they

come to our place, one of our centers, like in Rockport.

And they say we have got a problem.

We need to have trees sawed and taken out.

They've fallen.

We need a roof repair.

We need the mud cleaned up.

It's all over our living room, and so forth.

So we write down a work order for that.

And we send volunteers out to do that.

And when they get through, they put a report down.

This report is thousands of pages over the life of one

of these disasters.

Now what happens is FEMA reimburses

the community for every hour that

is spent in volunteer work.

That's amazing.

Well, they charge them for the work that FEMA does.

And then they give a credit for all his volunteer work.

So when Operation Blessing leaves the city,

they give the mayor all this paperwork

that shows how many thousands of hours of volunteer work

was done, how many people came in with chainsaws,

how many people came in with trailers, and so forth.

And we've present this to the mayor, and say Mr. Mayor,

not only have we been able to help your city with volunteer

work, but we also gave you $600,000 to present to FEMA.

So it'll be 500, 600, to 300, 400.

That's real money as charged against the FEMA.

FEMA charges.

And I might add, the American Red Cross, for example charges.

They get about $5 to $10, Know about $10, $12 a meal.

And they give a bologna sandwich.

And they charge FEMA 12 bucks.

Not cool.

But that's the way we do.

So it is highly organized.

So when somebody like Curt Schilling comes along,

that's counted.

And it's given as a gift to the community involved.

So Operation Blessing is one of the best-run charities

in the world.

And the number is 800-700-7000, Disaster Relief Fund,

CBN Center.

And we're still helping people in the Gulf.

We're helping people in Mexico.

We're helping people all over.

That's how we do it.

Isn't that interesting?

I love that.

And what a blessing to the city.

They've already got so much to worry about.

They don't need this added--

Well, they get a bill from FEMA.

So this is an offset to that bill.

And FEMA says, OK, we give you credit

for all the work you've done.

And the work is done by Operation Blessing.

WENDY GRIFFITH: I guess most of us thought FEMA is coming in.

And there's a grant money coming from the Fed.

They're charging the city.

They're charging the city.

There's a lot you don't know that goes on behind the scenes.

But that's part of it I thought you'd find interesting.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Thank God for Operation Blessing.



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