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Baby's Miraculously Healed Heart Answers Parents' Prayers

Andrew was born with an illness that affected the arteries in his heart. His parents prayed for years, and as the doctors prepared to operate, they were shocked. Read Transcript

KRISTEN ANZEVINO: When I delivered Andrew,

at first the doctor looked a little puzzled.

And I said, there seems like there's something wrong

because he's blue and my other children weren't that color.

And then I knew that there was something tragically wrong

with this child.

NARRATOR: When Kristen Anzevino delivered her third child,

Andrew, she and her husband Bill received shocking news.

Well, the doctor came in and he said, he's not dead,

but we do have to call in a life flight team.

NARRATOR: Andrew was born with partial DiGeorge syndrome,

a condition that can have 180 side effects, including

the under-development of Andrew's pulmonary arteries.

Their doctor offered them little hope.

They were going to fly him to a hospital in Pittsburgh.

And they thought from what he looked like he had

a heart defect of some sort.

And he says, I'm not sure if he'll

make it and do you want someone to come in

and do the last rites?

I just laid there and I thought, I cannot believe you think

you're going to go in and have this baby and you're going

to be coming home with this little baby.

I had two other little children at home.

And I'm thinking, this cannot be happening.

NARRATOR: Bill was instantly reminded

of a story from the New Testament

and heard a voice speaking to him.

BILL ANZEVINO: Like a flash I just

remember the story of Jairus in the Bible where he was told,

be not afraid; only believe even though his child had already


Fear not, only believe.

I said we believe.

He said those words and there was something about it

that was scary, but there was also something about it

that overtook your fear.

And you thought, OK he's going to make it.

NARRATOR: When Andrew arrived at Pittsburgh's Children's

Hospital the doctors discovered he

had no left pulmonary artery.

When they come into the room, these two head

cardiologists at Children's Hospital, and they just said,


We've got good news for you and bad news for you.

The good news is Andrew's still alive.

The bad news is he needs surgery now.

He's only 14 hours old.

Here's your options.

We can bring him here into the room

and let you hold him and let him die in your arms,

or we can take him into the surgery room

and let him die there.

Those are your two options.

NARRATOR: The Anzevino's opted for surgery,

but continue to believe for their baby's healing.

But I do remember thinking, OK, we'll

just do what you have to do.

God's going to get him through this

and they said, you could come out and see him,

go through the hallway.

And I remember going out and he was in this same auto


And I remember looking at Andrew and saying,

Andrew I am your mother and you will live and you will grow up,

and you're going to have a prosperous

and a productive life and you're going to listen to me,

you are going to live and I'll see you when you get out.

NARRATOR: Andrew survived the surgery,

but a host of other health issues began to surface.

Now with one wave after another of bad news

So the next bit of bad news was there was no thymus.

Which means the immune system is like an AIDS patient, which

means he can't fight off any sickness or disease at all.

NARRATOR: Still the Anzevino's continue

to believe for Andrews healing.

And Andrew continued to amaze his doctors.

BILL ANZEVINO: So within the first nine months

of his life without an immune system,

he overcame a staph infection in the heart,

of Braviac line infection, then the chicken pox infection,

and fourthly, the rotavirus infection

without an immune system.

Wish we be leave us by the hand of God.

KRISTEN ANZEVINO: We would pray together

and we'd have this set of scriptures,

and he wrote these scriptures down on a piece of paper.

I mean, there would be days that I wouldn't sleep.

I would take out those scriptures

that he wrote down for me and I would just say them

and I would look at them as this is medicine and I declared it.

And it has to work, it has to respond.

Of course Mark 11:23 and 24, speak to your mountain command

it to go and it'll go.

The next first verse 24, believe or receive and you will have.

But also Psalm 18, verse 17 that says, "I

will not die but live and declare the works of the Lord."

And then first Peter 2:24, "with his stripes we were healed."

NARRATOR: Andrew's biggest hurdle however,

was the lack of a pulmonary artery.

And so we said, Lord, they said he doesn't have one.

We're asking you to give him one.

And we believe that we receive a left pulmonary artery

for Andrew.

And we started thanking him for that.

And during the catherization they discover that, OK.

He's got a thread for a left pulmonary artery

and that thread is almost like the tip of a pin

when it's supposed to be the size of a eraser,

like a pencil eraser.

And this artery is never going to grow because where there's

no blood there is no growth.

Periodically they would come in and do an echo sonogram

and look at the artery.

And I remember they would try to measure it.

One time the doctor came in and he was doing the scan

and he said, awe, I could see it, it's a little bit bigger.

I said, see I told you it's getting bigger.

So for us to hear that it was a thread was exciting.

For them it meant nothing.

But we believed that from nothing to a thread

means the beginning of a miracle.

NARRATOR: At nine months Andrew was scheduled

for a catherization to repair his artery,

but prior to the surgery one of the doctors

noticed something unusual.

He grabbed me in the hallway and goes, it worked, it worked.

It's the right size.

It doesn't even need repaired.

And I said, I know, I knew it going to grow.

NARRATOR: Over the next several years

Andrew continued to overcome every obstacle he faced.

I was very tenacious about what I believe.

And he had to say 11 words by the time he was three for him

to go to a regular preschool.

And would you believe it?

He said 11 words.

And I was like count them, count them.

He says 11 words.

He can go to preschool.

NARRATOR: Today Andrew is a healthy 16-year-old

who knows God has a special plan for his life.

ANDREW ANZEVINO: I really love to play the piano.

And I go on my phone type in YouTube,

search up any song I want and then just learn it from there.

In the future I would like to play for a worship team

and I sing God's word all the time.

And Mark 9:23, all things are possible to hith

that believeth.

And I say that every morning.

He's a powerful witness for Jesus in school.

And unashamedly does he share his faith?


NARRATOR: The Anzevino's tell his story in their book,

We Believe.

They were assuming he would die.

And yet he's 16.

When we go to visit the doctor for a checkup,

and they're like, he could just live as long as anybody else.

They don't even know what to expect from him.

He's just a walking miracle.

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