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Trump Mixes Politics and Sports on Purpose?

Trump Mixes Politics and Sports on Purpose? Read Transcript

President Trump is mixing politics and sports

when he called out professional athletes who refuse to stand

during the national anthem.

Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners,

when somebody disrespects our flag,

to say get that son of a [BLEEP] off the field right now.


He's fired.

BEN KENNEDY: NFL protests are back in the national spotlight

after President Trump took on the National Football

League and the First Amendment.

He's not emphasizing sports.

You're missing the entire purpose of the message.

He's emphasizing something that should be unifying.

BEN KENNEDY: But the president's comments

appeared to only fuel the feud between the NFL and the White


Was it intentional?

President Trump knows exactly what he's doing.

He's done this throughout his career.

And I think when he sees a cultural moment,

the potential to put himself in the middle of something

that he knows is rather divisive, he seeks it out.

BEN KENNEDY: A new "ABC News Washington Post" poll

shows 66% of Americans say the president has

done more to divide than unite.

WOMAN: (SINGING) What so proudly we hailed--

BEN KENNEDY: Last week, six NFL players

protested racial injustice.

That number grew to more than 200 this weekend.

So while the attention was on the gridiron, health care,

a new travel ban, and North Korea took a back seat.

RICK KLEIN: There are a lot of things he doesn't

want to be talking about.

The North Korean nuclear threat, the health

care bill that might go down again this week,

that very same special election in Alabama may not go his way.

I think he finds an opportunity to put himself

in the middle of a big story or make a story even bigger,

kind of pour gasoline on a fire in this case,

and make that the story instead.

BEN KENNEDY: And it appeared to work,

as Monday's press briefing was sparked

with questions about the numerous tweets

from Trump on the NFL.

So when he tweets something, it

does take away from his legislative agenda.

Would you not agree?

No, I don't, because I think that it's

important for a president to show patriotism,

to be a leader on this issue, and he has.

Now President Trump defended his remarks, saying this

has to do with respect for the country, flag,

and national anthem, nothing else.

For "CBN News," I'm Ben Kennedy at the White House.


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