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Grit and Gratitude Carry Baseball All-Star Charlie Blackmon

Centerfielder Charlie Blackmon is the Colorado Rockies lead-off hitter and offensive playmaker. While his on-field productivity has put him in MVP candidate discussions, Charlie will tell you that Jesus Christ is the leader in his life. Read Transcript


Come to Denver and you'll find a baseball swashbuckler.

Rockies All-Star Center Fielder, Charlie Blackmon,

rattles opponents with an elite bat, prized power, base running

speed, and of course, that beard.

On and off the field, the guy they

call Chuck Nazty holds a great first impression.

First man up as a leadoff hitter,

you're the tone setter, tip of the spear.

What is it about the role that you relish the most?

I like being the first guy to go to the plate.

I'm going to get the most at-bats that night.

I'm kind of the first representative of the Rockies

out there.

If I do well and get on base, we have a good chance to score,

because we have such good players behind me.

So I really enjoy being the catalyst, of sorts.

And as the playmaker, what one play as a hitter

or fielder most energizes you?

Well, I've got to say home runs,

because the home runs make the game go around.

Maybe, the next best thing is a two out RBI because it's just

such a big momentum shifter.

You know, momentum is not something people talk

about in baseball, but I think, scoring

a run when the other team thinks they're

going to get out unscathed, can really do a lot for your psyche

and then get the momentum coming your way.

And the beard, that's a tone setter, right?


And are you now convinced that the two of you are inseparable?

I showed up at spring training in 2014 and made the team

for the first time with my beard,

and so I decided to stick with it and I was lucky enough

to make the All-Star team that year, so if it ain't broke,

don't fix it.

So I just kept it and it's something that I enjoy.

How have you learned to separate defeat from

your self-worth?

For me spiritually, realizing that baseball

is something that I spend a lot of time doing,

but you can't turn baseball into an idol.

What you derive your self-worth from,

it has to be something you do, not who you are.

And once I figured all those things out,

honestly, baseball seemed a lot smaller to me,

with the ups and downs and the struggles of failure

that are going to happen, inevitably,

within the game of baseball.

We said you're the tone setter out there.

Who and what is the tone setter for Charlie Blackmon?

You know, I ask for a grateful heart every day,

and even when it seems tough, you

should rejoice in being tested.

Everything needs to be an opportunity

in my eyes and not an obstacle.

Charlie, what do you admire most about the Christ

that you follow?

The love that He has for me, even though I don't deserve it,

you know, that grace is something

that I try to understand, but it's hard to comprehend.

I try and learn more about Him every day

and I just want to represent our God in what

I do on the field, how I treat people,

and what I'm thinking all the time,

also, I think that's very important.

NARRATOR: Also important is Charlie's reputation

as an independent thinker who values

genuine Christian commitment.

I think it's very important for a few reasons.

Be honest with yourself.

You've got to earnestly believe, and then if you believe it,

then you have to live it out.


Like if you actually believe Jesus is who He says He is

and that He died for our sins, then

you can't just ignore that fact and go

on doing whatever you feel like you're doing.

Authenticity is going to show up.

People are going to find you out if you're just talking the talk

and not walk the walk.

How can we pray for you when we think of you and watch you?

Good question.

Every day, I think humility is big, like I need humility,

and then I also need to stop thinking about myself so much.

I need to be more concerned about other people, the people

that I'm around, the people I interact with, even

the people that I'm playing against.

So maybe, just that faith to step out and speak to someone

or help someone who might need it.


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