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GOP's Last Ditch Effort to Repeal and Replace Obamacare Fails, Again

GOP's Last Ditch Effort to Repeal and Replace Obamacare Fails, Again Read Transcript

Republican lawmakers revised the bill several times

in an attempt to win over Republican holdouts

while its sponsors had defended the measure.

My state had a 31% premium increase under Obamacare.

If we don't repeal and replace, it's

a disaster for South Carolina.

With the Republicans' narrow 52-48 majority,

it only took three GOP votes to kill the bill.

Monday, President Trump had seemed cautious

about the bill's success.

DONALD TRUMP (ON PHONE): We have 52 votes,

so we can't lose any votes.

I mean, practically.

So we're going to lose two or three votes

and that's the end of that.

Two Republican senators, Rand Paul and John McCain,

had already opposed the bill.

There are some things that are good in the bill.

My concern still is that we have a $700 billion deficit,

and I think that this bill basically

immortalizes the spending.

The spending will go on and on and on,

and I don't think anybody is taking into account for what

that does to the deficit.

Then Monday, the Congressional Budget Office

released a preliminary review of the Republican bill,

showing that it would save money over the next 10 years--

133 billion.

But people could lose insurance, although many of those

could simply be dropping out of the system,

not actually losing insurance.

The CBO wasn't clear on exact estimates of how many Americans

would be uninsured.

And then, Maine Senator Susan Collins

came out against the bill.

It would have a negative impact on millions of Americans

who are now insured.

So it was that final piece of the puzzle

that I had been waiting to confirm.

And Collins says the legislation would likely

drive up insurance premiums for millions of Americans

and weaken protections.

Shortly after Collins's announcement,

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted, We cannot give up on Obamacare


We must keep working.

We can get to yes.

But with three Republican senators

standing against the bill and unlikely to change,

it is essentially dead on arrival.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.


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