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A Hurricane Survivor's Faith Grows Post-Harvey

A Hurricane Survivor's Faith Grows Post-Harvey Read Transcript

This experience has strengthened our family a lot.

It strengthened our faith a lot.

Being a mom of five, I think I'm prepared for a lot.

We spent two months in the NICU with our triplet boys.

That was a really difficult experience.

And so living through that, and there's

the day-to-day life of having five kids,

and the business and everything that that brings

that we think you're prepared.

But when you realize that you're not,

and that you have to again just give everything to the Lord

and say I can't do this on my own.

I know you're familiar with the phrase

that God won't give you more than that you can handle,

but I actually think he does give you

more that you can handle for a reason.

So that you rely on Him and that your faith isn't just

in yourself, but you take that to a deeper level

and you rest everything that you can't handle on His shoulders.

And it draws you to your knees even more.


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