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Is God Changing the Borders of Iraq?

Is God Changing the Borders of Iraq? Read Transcript

CHRIS MITCHELL: Streets are lined throughout Erbil

with flags and banners, urging voters to choose independence.

This is the center of Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan,

one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

But today's Kurds are looking at this referendum as finally

their opportunity for a free and independent Kurdistan.

This is a good opportunity for all Kurdish people

to go on the box and say, yes, for referendum.

If we will not do it--

the referendum now, when we will do it?

I feel great, because, this is our dream from

our grand-grandfather.

This is the dream for all Kurdish--

we have our own country.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Despite that enthusiasm,

neighbors Turkey, Iran, Syria, and the Iraqi government

in Baghdad see an independent Kurdistan

as a threat to their own governments.

Even the US called the vote provocative and destabilizing

and said it would distract from the fight against ISIS.

Analyst [INAUDIBLE] says the Kurdish government

has something to prove.


CHRIS MITCHELL: Norwegian pastor, Per Ove Berg,

who is serving as an international observer,

believes this could be a significant moment

for the Middle East.

PER OVE BERG: Personally, I think it's extremely important.

And You can read in the Bible that certain periods of history

and God will allow changes to happen.

He will redraw borders, actually.

In Acts 17 it says, "So that the people might seek him."

CHRIS MITCHELL: That's why he has a message for Christians

on the eve of the referendum.

PER OVE BERG: Please pray.

These days are extremely crucial for this area.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Erbil, Kurdistan.


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