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No Water, No Food, No Power: Puerto Ricans in Desperate 'Survival Mode'

No Water, No Food, No Power: Puerto Ricans in Desperate 'Survival Mode' Read Transcript

HEATHER SELLS: One week after Hurricane Maria struck,

Puerto Rico is still stuck.

4 in 10 here have no drinking water.

95% of the island has no electricity,

and 58 of the 69 hospitals have no power.

People are running out of food.

They're fighting.

HEATHER SELLS: At the San Juan Airport,

Puerto Ricans and tourists have been waiting for days,

hoping for a plane.

Those who do get out are deeply worried for their loved

ones left behind.

I left back my family, friends, and coworkers,

and I'm here.

And they don't have water.

They don't have lights.

They don't have so many things that they need.

HEATHER SELLS: The elderly are suffering greatly,

especially those in stifling hot apartment buildings.

FEMA has already provided 4 million meals

and 6 million liters of water to the island,

but it's not nearly enough.

The mayor of San Juan is begging for more help.

But President Trump, please whatever you need to do,

let FEMA do their job.

HEATHER SELLS: On Tuesday, the president

reaffirmed his commitment to Puerto Rico,

as we discussed how hard the island was hit.

But that island was hit as hard as you can it.

When you see 200 miles and even more than that--

200 mile an hour winds hitting a place,

and literally houses are just demolished,

it was like tornadoes.

HEATHER SELLS: The president is defending

the federal government's response.

His critics say he's not doing enough, and getting distracted

by other issues like the NFL.

The president says that's simply not the case.

Was I preoccupied?

Not at all.

Not at all.

I have plenty of time on my hands.

All I do is work.

HEATHER SELLS: But the president does acknowledge the challenge

of responding to Puerto Rico right after Hurricane Harvey

and Irma.

Plus, the government cannot deliver supplies to Puerto Rico

with its usual convoys of trucks.

All must be delivered by air or sea.

One ray of light literally in all

of this, thousands of solar lights

that Operation Blessing has begun distributing.

Here, you can see the San Juan mayor giving one to a child.

Operation Blessing is coordinating the delivery

of large-scale purification equipment for the island

alone with first aid kits.

It will provide clean drinking water

and work to help avoid even worse health

problems in Puerto Rico.

Heather Sells, CBN News.


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