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Superbook Becomes a Community Event!

St. Gregory Catholic Church held a church event for community members to enjoy mass, free food, and activities followed by exciting Superbook episodes. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: The kids were are all smiles at a recent Superbook

special event at St. Gregory the Great church

in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

I got to meet Gizmo, we took some pictures with him.

My friends and I, we really enjoyed it.

NARRATOR: Deacon Darrell Wentworth started the evening

with a familiar message.

He has long told people that to know God,

they have to read and understand the Bible.

He inspired all of that scripture for each one of us.

So ignorance of his word is ignorance of him.

NARRATOR: When a friend gave him some Superbook DVDs,

he thought they'd be a great way to teach

the Bible to his grandkids.

So I gave them to my son-in-law who was using them

for my grandkids, and it evangelized my son-in-law

as well.

NARRATOR: Afterward everyone gathered for a free dinner.

Kids enjoyed Superbook coloring books and getting

their picture taken with Gizmo.

CBN's Wendy O'Rourke was on hand to tell folks more

about Superbook.

For example, the Superbook Bible App.

It's free, it has the whole Bible in a number of languages.

And also it has entire Superbook episodes

that people can show their kids on their phone or their tablet

anytime and anywhere.

NARRATOR: After dinner families enjoyed two exciting episodes

of Superbook.

David and Goliath and the Apostle Paul's Shipwreck.

Both resonated with kids and adults alike.

If you need help, and you're like--

it's so hard, never give up.

NARRATOR: Each family received a take home

bag of Superbook gifts, including a Superbook DVD.

As Christians we're called to love one another

and learn from one another.

And I'm glad that CBN was able to come over to St. Gregory's

and bring Superbook.

(SINGING) Jesus you died upon the cross

and rose again to save the lost.

NARRATOR: Just like the children at this event,

kids all over the world love Superbook.

I'm very glad they had it, and I also hope they do it again.

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