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Awaken the Dawn! What's Behind the 'Holy Spirit Woodstock' Coming to DC

Awaken the Dawn! What's Behind the 'Holy Spirit Woodstock' Coming to DC Read Transcript

They say Washington has never seen anything like it--

thousands and thousands of people--

more than 50 tents--

covering the National Mall--

all with one purpose--

to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.

Starting down at 3rd Street in front of the Capitol,

going all the way down to 14th, which

is right there in front of the monument,

there's going to be a tent city.

So every state will have a tent, and every tent

will be filled with worship and prayer 24 hours a day.

PAUL STRAND: David Bradshaw is the visionary and organizer

of the October 6-9 event called Awaken the Dawn.

DAVID BRADSHAW: We want to throw the biggest

celebration of Jesus's worth on this National Mall.

Every one of these tents is going to shout to this nation

that Jesus is alive and that He's worthy.

He deserves to be celebrated above anyone else.

PAUL STRAND: Christian leaders like Bradshaw

and The Call's Lou Engle say they

have been receiving prophecies for years

about a national gathering like this.

DAVID BRADSHAW: You're going to be

part of a new Jesus movement.

It's a Holy Spirit Woodstock.

Our prayer, really, is that a whole generation--

young and old--

in America would have a fresh encounter with Jesus person.

And that's right at the core of our message,

is, we want to call America back to Christ.

The Lord blesses the people that blesses Him.

PAUL STRAND: Bradshaw's friend Jason Hershey runs

an ongoing event, also on the National Mall,

called David's Tent.

It's been lifting up nonstop worship

more than 600 days in a row.

He believes that what Awaken the Dawn ignites could

bless the whole nation.

In the scripture, there's tons of promises

that happen to a nation that seeks His face,

from disease being obliterated from your land,

establishment of your borders, the healing of relationships.

And the Bible says that God inhabits

the praises of His people.

So we believe in that celebration of Jesus's worth.

He's going to inhabit, and He's going to move in power.

PAUL STRAND: Awaken the Dawn wraps up October 9--

Columbus Day-- with the latest version of Lou Engle's

The Call, this year, entitled Rise Up.

It'll ask millions of women to rise up and pray

the millennial generation into the Kingdom of God,

like women did in the Jesus movement.

A whole generation in the late '60s was just psychedelic

drugs, rebellion, just going off the ledge.

And what happened?

A million moms fell on their face and said,

not my son, not my daughter.

God, pour out your spirit.

And he did.

He's calling a company of women

to rise up in this moment in history.

We can rise up and see absolute deliverance

come to our children, our families, our city,

and our nation.

I'm really saying now is the time for salvation--

that we would walk out the burdens we feel

and the compassion we feel.

PAUL STRAND: Awaken the Dawn will also encourage as many

of the nation's 300,000 churches as possible

to send teams in future months and years

to come worship at David's Tent so people can keep praising God

there for decades to come.

If each church in America would take one hour here

at David's Tent, we would be here for 34 years continuous.

PAUL STRAND: Organizers will also

lay the groundwork to take this worship

movement into all the nation.

Our goal is to go to every state capitol and hundreds

of university campuses with public worship

gatherings in tents.

We're calling it Tent the Nation in 2018.

PAUL STRAND: And they're praying, even

before Awaken the Dawn begins.

Hundreds of thousands would be saved--

not only during the four days, but then out of it,

as we go to the states.

So hopefully, Awaken the Dawn is the prayer meeting

that never ends.

What's going to happen here on the National Mall starting

October 6 will only last four days.

But those involved with it hope that its impact will ripple on

down through the years and the generations.

Paul Strand, CBN News, the National Mall.


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