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Pay to Slay: Palestinians Glorify Terrorists, Give Big Rewards to Those Who Murder Jews

Pay to Slay: Palestinians Glorify Terrorists, Give Big Rewards to Those Who Murder Jews Read Transcript

JULIE STAHL: Nimer Aljamal was on his way from Beit Surik

where he lived to the neighboring Jewish community

of Har Adar where he worked.

He opened fire on security personnel at the crossing gate,

killing three Israelis and critically wounding a fourth.

Har Adar residents were shocked.

They have the rights like the Israelis and they betrayed--

big time.

JULIE STAHL: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

says Palestinian incitement in the media, school books,

and society are to blame.

Following the attack, Netanyahu called on Palestinian Authority

President Mahmoud Abbas to condemn the attack.

Instead, Abbas's Fatah organization

glorified the terrorist and said,

"The morning was scented with the fragrance of martyrs."

The Palestinian Authority, through Fatah,

telling its people that what was done

was a religiously positive act.

Killing Israelis is religiously positive act.

And this, of course, is the worst message

you can give in a religious society

like the Palestinian Authority.

JULIE STAHL: Palestinian Media Watch director, Itmar Marcus,

says Palestinian Authority blame doesn't stop there.

So the first thing that happens

is the family receives honor--

and this is critical.

The honor that the family receives,

every potential terrorist sees this as well.

JULIE STAHL: That honor includes public praise and sometimes

even naming schools, public squares, and sporting events

after terrorists.

ITMAR MARCUS: And the second thing that happens

is financial rewards.

In this case, the wife and children

of the terrorist who murdered yesterday

will be receiving 2,600 shekel-- about $800 a month for life.

JULIE STAHL: Marcus said Israel could crack down

on entire villages, revoking work permits into Israel.

That would increase peer pressure

not to carry out attacks, but the West could also

play a role, he said.

ITMAR MARCUS: The only way this will stop

is if the leadership of the Palestinian Authority

is forced by the international community

to completely change the messaging.

The international community can force them.

Palestinian Authority is so dependent on foreign aid--

the United States gives them foreign aid,

the European Union gives them foreign aid.

Most of the Western European countries

give them-- they have the power to stop this.

JULIE STAHL: Meanwhile, the three men who were killed,

including an Israeli Arab, are being

hailed as the real heroes.

They stopped the terrorist from entering

Har Adar and killing civilians.

Julie Stahl, CBN News, Jerusalem.


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