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Referendum Sparks Threats by Turkey, Iran against Kurds, Israelis

Referendum Sparks Threats by Turkey, Iran against Kurds, Israelis Read Transcript

Now we take you to Erbil, Iraq,

where Chris Mitchell is on the ground

covering the Kurdish referendum for independence and the fight

against ISIS.

Chris, you are in Erbil covering the Kurdish referendum

for independence.

How important is this for the Kurds,

and what impact could this have on the region?

This referendum, especially for the Kurdish people,

was very important.

This was the first official referendum

they ever had to have their free and independent Kurdistan.

For the region, it's going to have a big impact,

because the nations surrounding Kurdistan, Turkey, Iran,

Syria, and the Baghdad government all opposed it.

And so, it could upset the delicate balance here

in the Middle East.

And there are talks that it could

lead to conflict between the Baghdad government

and in what's called the Kurdish Regional Government.

So it's very important for this region.

You've also met with Christians in the area.

What is their situation, and what are they

telling you about their future?

The situation for Christians in this area remains desperate.

Three years ago, when ISIS came into this area,

tens of thousands of Christians literally fled for their lives.

Just the other day, we were at a church service in Ankawa,

and there's a refugee camp there where

literally thousands of Christians

remain three years after ISIS came in and took over

towns like Mosul, Qaraqosh, and Bartella.

So many of these Christians are brothers and sisters.

They don't have a place to go back to their homes right now.

Many times they can't emigrate to other countries.

So they're really caught in the middle.

Chris, you also followed Dave Eubank of the Free Burma

Rangers to the front lines.

Tell us what that experience was like.

We've had the opportunity to be with him in Bashiqa,

in Sinjar, and on the front lines of the battle with ISIS.

Before I met Dave, somebody told me he's the guy that--

he's prayed more often than any other person they had met.

And I found that to be true.

Almost on a regular basis, Dave is going to say, let's pray.

And he just prays, whatever the situation

might be throughout the day.

And I'm sure that's why he's survived so long.

He's right there on the front lines.

As you've seen-- that he's rescued that six-year-old Iraqi

girl in the middle--

right on the front lines with ISIS.

He could have been killed, not only that time

but many other times.

And because he prays, that's why I believe he's survived.

And he spreads the good news of Jesus wherever he goes.

Eubank talked about the power of prayer

when he is on the front lines.

How can Christians here at home pray for him and his team?

It's really important, I would say,

for them to be able to pray, not only for Dave and his team,

but for all the Christians in this area that have

been displaced because of ISIS.

And pray for the situation here in the region.

We talked to a Norwegian pastor the other day.

He cited Acts 17, where God sometimes redraws borders

so that people would seek him.

So it's very important to pray, not only

for individuals like Dave and his team, the Christians

in the region, but for also the geopolitics that are going on.

Prayer does make a difference in the history of nations.

Chris Mitchell, thank you so much

for your time and your insight.


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