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NFL Ratings Fall: Ray Lewis' Prayer Protest

NFL Ratings Fall: Ray Lewis' Prayer Protest Read Transcript

New numbers show NFL ratings are down at least 10%

in comparison to viewer numbers last year.

The big question-- are people tuning out

because they are not supportive of the political messages

the athletes who kneeled during the national anthem are making?

Well, joining me now to weigh in is Shawn Brown.

He is our CBN sports correspondent.

And welcome, Shawn.

Hey, Mark.

How are you, brother?

Doing OK.

Thanks for your time today.

Well, first of all, do you think the protests

are going to have a lasting impact on the NFL viewer


Lasting impact--

I'm not sure.

They are having an impact right now, obviously.

The answer's really twofold--

one, being one from the perspective

of the NFL and the players, and then two, the networks

because from the players' perspective,

at the end of the day, if this becomes a distraction,

they have a choice to make.

Are they going to focus on football

and continue to play for that championship

or are they going to allow this to continue

to be a distraction, if it becomes a distraction?

I don't foresee that being a distraction.

But from the TV perspective, from the networks,

if they continue to lose money, then they

may consider not even showing that part of the game

like they used to.

They recently just started showing that part of the game,

obviously, because people were interested.

But if they stop showing that part of the game,

people will continue to--

I believe people will begin to start watching again.

Well, how should we as Christians

respond to all of this?

That's a good question.

I can use myself as an example.

My father is retired Navy.

And this started a year ago, of course,

with Colin Kaepernick sitting and then first kneeling.

When I saw that, I was upset because I grew up

very patriotic.

My father fought in Desert Storm.

I'm showing my age.

But he fought in Desert Storm.

I literally wore medallion, a the United States Navy

medallion, for, like, six months until he returned home.

And so I'm very patriotic.

And when I saw that, I was very upset.

I was upset for about 20 minutes.

But then I had to check myself because I was more upset

over the fact that he was kneeling for the flag

rather than why he was kneeling.

And then it showed me that, you know what?

I really need to take time to understand his perspective.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 2:6--

it says the Lord gives wisdom.

From His mouth comes knowledge and understanding.

There is an equation there.

Wisdom is the sum of knowledge plus understanding.

And what we need to do-- the Bible

tells us also to be quick to listen and slow

to speak so that we can gain that understanding so that we

can respond with wisdom.

And so I think it is very important for us as believers

to not be quick to anger, to take time to really understand

what's actually happening, because I

think that this has perhaps become somewhat

of a smokescreen.

Yes, it is important to stand for the flag.

I firmly still believe that because that flag, to me,

represents hope.

But I would rather spend time thinking why these gentlemen

and why these men-- really protesting.

Why are people protesting?

Why is it so important to them?

And let me try to understand that.

Well, even if we don't agree with the way they're

making a statement, how can we get that knowledge?

How can we educate ourselves to understand better

what they're trying to do?

Listen, the players have clearly

stated this is not about the flag.

It is about social injustice in the country.

And these are gladiators.

Players, professional athletes-- if they don't like something,

they will tell you.

If they are clearly saying, this is not about this,

it is about this, and they have stated,

this is about social injustice, it is not

about disrespect to the flag, we should probably try to listen.

Whether or not we agree on the way

that they're protesting because it is a free country--

for one, I would be standing.

I can't bring myself to kneel.

But I'm not going to be mad at my brother

because that is his own conviction.

And he has chosen to do it in that manner.

And so us as believers, I do believe

we need to try to understand what it is.

Someone told me it's like a fake hand-off.

The defense is chasing the guy without the ball,

without the thing that really matters, while the quarterback

still has the ball.

We have to really try to get down

to the nuts and bolts of why they are

and deal with that issue.


Shawn Brown, our CBN sports director--

thank you so much for your time, Shawn.

Thank you very much.

We appreciate it.

And we want to hear what you think.

We have a poll on CBN News Facebook page.

So be sure check it out.


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