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Free to Stand or Kneel: Trump and the NFL

Free to Stand or Kneel: Trump and the NFL Read Transcript


I just can't let this whole NFL,

take a knee during the national anthem,

controversy pass without commenting.

I guess I've watched too many pro football games

and followed too much political news over the years

to just let it go.

I don't care about President Trump's motives

for wading into the NFL's politically correct approach

to players protests.

And despite all the criticism that he's received for it,

guess what, the president has a right

to share his opinion about sports,

and cultural and political issues of our time.

Yes, in America, we all have the right to free speech,

and that includes NFL players, who take a knee

during the national anthem.

They have that right.

That doesn't mean millions of Americans won't be offended,

but we also have the right to turn off the TV

or not to attend an NFL game.

I assume many Americans will be exercising that right.

And owners and the NFL also have the right

to set the rules for their teams and their league.

And if they think their games are appropriate places

for protests, then so be it.

That's their business decision.

But money, money drives business.

They can't pay their players without it.

If ad revenues start dropping, and they likely will--

already the NFL ratings are down 11% compared to last year--

they may change their views and their rules

out of economic necessity.

Just ask Target officials about how well

they're transgender bathroom decision

has worked out for them.

At least $15 billion lost, billion.

It's all about choices folks, and our willingness

to suffer the consequences.

Now, one Pittsburgh Steelers player and Afghanistan army

veteran made the choice to stand for the national anthem,

while his teammates held back.

He admitted later he did not intend

to make other players look bad.

Franklin Graham praised him saying quote,

"It takes a lot of guts to stand alone with millions

of people watching.

Alejandro Villaneuva was the only Pittsburgh Steelers player

to come out and stand in honor of our national anthem

at Sunday's game."

End quote.

Can football fans do without their Sunday night football


Can owners, players, and the NFL afford

to lose hundreds of millions of dollars

for allowing their stadiums to become

houses of political protest?

You know, most fans just want to get away

from Trump, Congress, all the politics for a few hours each

Sunday, and enjoy a game.

But now we can't do that any longer.

It seems everything in our society has become political.

Now a word to the players.

You know, you guys are admired for your talents and abilities,

but when you take a knee, you're venturing

into the political realm.

Believe me, that can be dirtier than the 1977 Vikings Rams

a mud bowl.

That was 40 years ago.

But do you really want to do that?

Go into politics?

I think most of you just want to play the game.

So instead of taking a knee I think

most Americans would like to see you stand up for what you

believe in outside the stadium.

Why not put your money where your mouth is?

Now our president donated a million dollars

of his own money to help hurricane Harvey

victims in Texas.

Colin Kaepernick has already donated nearly one million

of his dollars to social justice programs.

So if you believe that America is unjust,

why not establish legal defense funds

for those treated unfairly by our criminal justice system.

Why not sponsor community meetings

and educational sessions to foster understanding and better

relations between people in our inner cities

and the police who work with beats.

Why not build sports facilities and programs,

so kids will have something positive to occupy

their time with, instead of roaming the streets getting

into trouble.

Why not help educate young people

who aspire to be entrepreneurs, and then

provide them with the seed money they need to start a business.

Instead of taking a knee in protest,

how about taking worthwhile action to actually make

a difference.

As for me, I'll stand when the national anthem is

played because I love America.

I want to honor those who spilled

their blood for me and others.

The only knee you'll see me take is in adoration and prayer

to Jesus, and I've been taking a lot of knees praying

for suffering of Americans in Texas, Louisiana, Florida,

Puerto Rico.

And I take a knee in prayer for a unified nation,

one that truly embraces liberty and justice for all Americans.

Galatians Chapter 5 verse 13 through 15

tells us that, "We're called to be free,

but not to use our freedom to indulge the flesh; rather,

serve one another humbly in love.

For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command,

love your neighbor as yourself.

If you bite and devour each other, watch out,

or you will be destroyed by each other."

So let's not devour one another, and be

consumed by our critical spirit and hate.

Instead, let's respond with positive actions.

And despite our differences of opinion,

let's join together to build a Better America.

Well, that's it from the "Global Lane" this week.

Until next time, be blessed.


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