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'How History Is Made': When a Conservative Lion Died, the Power of Prayer Raised up a 'Champion'

'How History Is Made': When a Conservative Lion Died, the Power of Prayer Raised up a 'Champion' Read Transcript

Some people who care about how America is governed

try to shape it in the halls of Congress

or through the White House and executive branch

or before the nation's courts, like that one.

Others, though, are contending in the throne room of heaven.

They've made interceding in prayer for their country

pretty much a full time mission.

From its name, you can figure out

that's what the Justice House of Prayer, or JHOP, is doing.

For 13 years, the people of JHOP have been praying right

on Capitol Hill, just a matter of feet

away from the law makers and the judges of those laws.

There's a lot of energy right now in the Kingdom of God.

PAUL STRAND: Matt Lockett is JHOP's Executive Director.

The way we're seeing prayer affect the nation,

the nations of the earth and the way

we're seeing it impact culture.

I think now is the best time to be alive,

now is the best time to be praying.

Without a doubt, God accelerates his activity

on the face of this earth through prayer.

Otherwise, why else would he give us prayer?

PAUL STRAND: David Kubal's Intercessors for America

is constantly webbing vast numbers of prayer warriors

together via the internet, asking

them to fast and pray on the first Friday of the month.

To pray specifically for the nation.

I mean, obviously, first Timothy,

chapter two is our mandate that we

should pray for kings and all whom are in authority.

PAUL STRAND: But when praying about government and politics,

Lockett says one of the toughest things

is to see past your own prejudices and preferences

so you can pray for God's will, not your will.

We're not talking about an elephant or a donkey,

we're talking about a lamb and God has his own agenda.

PAUL STRAND: And if that means using Donald Trump, so be it.

I know he's not a perfect man and he definitely

needs our prayers, but he is a man, I believe,

that cares about spiritual things.

PAUL STRAND: Meanwhile JHOP is concentrating on the Supreme

Court, you'll often see them out praying in front of it.

And because battling abortion is a top priority for them,

many wear tape across their mouths

that says life, symbolizing the unborn babies who

can't speak out for their own lives to be spared.

All roads lead back to the Supreme Court.

Whether we're talking about abortion

or whether we're talking about marriage or any number

of cultural issues.

One thing these intercessors have learned

is that God moves in mysterious ways.

They see that as the Holy Spirit often

moves them to pray in ways they don't understand at first

but which makes stunning sense later.

Take for instance the new Supreme Court Justice Neil


Losing Justice Antonin Scalia in February of 2016

was extremely painful.

And it pierced my heart.

There was that moment of, like, oh my gosh.

PAUL STRAND: And many of them feared

President Obama would replace Scalia with a liberal

and change the balance of the court.

Then came a crucial moment just after Scalia

died when well-known prayer warrior Cindy

Jacobs prophesied over Lockett.

The word was that God has a champion

that he's ready to bring up to this empty seat.

That we're to contend in faith and hold the court

and to see God bring this champion to the bench.

Everyone was 99% certain that Hillary Clinton

was going to win the election.

So you can imagine the pressure in the prayer room

to hold onto a promise and to pray that into being.

And we didn't know anything else

except that God had a champion.

PAUL STRAND: Then the White House

narrowed Trump's list of 21 possible nominees down

to three.

One of the guys on our team just

felt inspired one day to look and see

what are the names of these three

and what do their names mean.

We've been asking God to speak to us about a specific name

to begin praying.

And there was a guy on the list named Neil Gorsuch.

And he looks and the meaning of Neil is champion.

Well, you can imagine our faith exploded in that moment.

God actually had spoken to us who the next Justice was going

to be a year prior and that we had

been praying for him by name.

It's one of those things where it fills you with confidence

that God, he's not just hearing our prayers,

but he's actually moving in the earth.

PAUL STRAND: All these intercessors

believe they're seeing God answering their prayers

and invading the news.

I teach them not to just read the headlines

but to make the headlines.

And that's always like, this is incredible.

God actually hears our prayers.

I can tell you so many stories where

we've gone into the prayer room, brought our requests

before God, and then the next day we

see answers to the prayers in the headlines.

PAUL STRAND: Kubal says if God is

bringing a new sensation into your heart

to intercede, go with it.

There are men and women by the tens of thousands

in this moment in time that God is

putting a call upon their life to be

an intercessor for America.

And that gives me great hope because I

know God is going to do something great.

I encourage our young people that this

is how history is made, that history

belongs to the intercessor.

Any time he puts his people to praying,

he's going to do something exciting so watch out.

PAUL STRAND: Paul Strand, CBN News, Capitol Hill.

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