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Pure Flix's 'A Question of Faith' Hits Theaters: 'God Never Ceases to Amaze Me'

Pure Flix's 'A Question of Faith' Hits Theaters: 'God Never Ceases to Amaze Me' Read Transcript

RICHARD T. JONES: Sometimes tragedy strikes and happens.

And instead of running toward God,

we get so angry that we can't run away from Him fast enough.

You see, I know that to be true because it happened to me.

People have said, I don't think

it's OK to question God ever.

But it's not realistic to me.

I think ultimately when you're going through something

and you fall on your knees, the first thing

that's going to come out of your mouth is why.

Camera set.


walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I shall fear no evil.

What have I told you about texting and driving?

DOCTOR: She's fighting for her life.


There are answers for everything

that happens, even when we can't foresee it.

And it's hard to hear that a lot of times.

It's hard for me even when I've gone through tragedies.

You know, like why?

Why does it have to happen to me?

But it's so funny how a couple years later it all makes sense.

I read the script.

I immediately really call them back and said, hey,

I really want to be a part of this.

And it was such a powerful message, and I really--

I looked at it.

I knew there was ways that we could really

deliver just a strong and meaningful and powerful film.

DOCTOR: Eric has suffered a traumatic brain injury.

JUDGE: I'm remanding you to the juvenile detention center.

I promised that I would do everything

I can to save your son.

Only thing me and Theresa have been doing

is trusting in the Lord, and look where it's gotten us.

I don't want your promises.

I want a second opinion, and that's exactly what

I intend on getting.

It's in God's hands now, and He's

going to get us through this.


No, we do not need another doctor.

You of all people know we can't question His work.

I'm just going to tell you that this film,

"A Question of Faith," is a film that everyone

needs to come see.

It's a timely movie.

I encourage you to go and take your churches, your friends,

your families to go see it.

It's about unity.

This movie teaches everyone that despite trials,

despite trouble, despite turmoil, if you just turn

to God there is good that can come out of a bad situation.

DONNA BISCOE: So once I read the full script,

my first thought was, what if that were me?

What if that were my daughter?

I don't know that I could forgive God,

because she's my only child.

And for me, that is where I connected,

because I wondered how they would work it out

and how they would find their way back.

To see these families go through the questioning

of their faith, through the trials that they experience

brought me to tears.

Another powerful message that spoke to me

was about how you get through issues and situations

when you don't understand what God is doing,

and you don't understand the tragedies and why.

What about everything that's happened?

Proverbs 3, 5, and 6, trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding.

In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He

will set your path straight.


That's it.

You're not going to answer the question?

You know, this is a really beautiful, heartfelt film,

and it's filled with faith.

But the thing that struck me the most

is that this is about the cost of discipleship.

When a tragedy hits this family, the head of the family

is a preacher, a pastor, and he has

to reach back and relearn that cheap grace doesn't

go very far.

You can just say the words and not have to change your life

and believe it.

He learns, again, that grace is very costly,

but then he learns to give it.

And it's quite beautiful and very moving.

I can't say that enough.

The movie is called "A Question of Faith."

I play Pastor David Newman.

I worked with Richard T. Jones for about three years

on a different film called "The Last Letter,"

and he was fabulous to work with.

I just thought this would be a great way

to cross over was to use an actual movie and TV

star in a faith-based film.

RICHARD T JONES: It's one of those things where

when I got the script, the challenge for me was, OK.

I'm very different than David in the sense of we

all go through the roller coaster

of losing our way in the fact that we just

take our eyes of Jesus.

We all can be Peter, getting off the boat.

So when something tragic happens,

we just take our eyes off Jesus and we look at the wave,

and we start to sink.

And then once we get our eyes back on Jesus,

things start to clear up.

So when I look at David, he didn't do anything wrong.

He just was in sorrow, and we all

know that lasts for a while.

And I really just understood it, because I read the scriptures.

And I always try to relate a character that I'm

doing to a Bible character.

You know, they're all real people,

and every character we play is from the Bible.

We just got to find them.

I'm Greg Alan Williams, and I play Farnsworth Newman.

ANGELA WHITE: So Greg Alan Williams

is currently on the faith TV show, "Greenleaf,"

which is on the OWN Network.

And I just thought he would be a perfect fit for this.

Farnsworth is a pastor of a mega church,

and he's ready to pass the mantle on to this son, played

by Richard T. Jones.

He has a lot of confidence in his son.

His son is an-- is an excellent pastor.

And then tragedy strikes the family,

and Pastor Farnsworth has to sort of rethink,

at least for the moment, his decision

to turn the church along to his son.

You want to take away the church from me now?

You're still going to take over the church,

but right now your anger toward God shows all over.

In the pulpit, here at home with your family.

We're going to be fine.

I'm gonna be fine.

I want another doctor to look at my daughter.

We want a second opinion.

ANGELA WHITE: C. Thomas Howell plays John Danielson,

and he's just another beautiful soul to work with.

He's been acting for 45 years, currently on a TV show on CBS,

and we were blessed to have him.

This is a different type of role for him,

and you might not like him after you see this film.

But he redeems himself at the end.

And I told him on set, I said, if you're not

the most likable character, that means

you did a really good job.

And he really does a really good job playing John Danielson.

If this man is one of the best in our nation,

then he will do is job and he will take care of our daughter.

ANGELA WHITE: Renee O'Connor, this

is my first time working with her.

Renee O'Connor started almost 30 some years ago playing

on "Xena: The Warrior Princess."

She was Xena's best friend, and she was also in "Hercules."

So this is great for fans who are--

she has fans all over the world who just love that TV show.

It's a beautiful story, and I'm so--

I'm very honored to be a part of this cast and this crew.

It's an incredible production, and I'm just really thrilled

I'm a part of it.

It came as a surprise to me, but nothing's ever a surprise,

is it?


ANGELA WHITE: Amber Nelon Thompson, this

is her first feature film.

This is a newcomer.

She is a part of the singing group The Nelons.

They are a Grammy and Dove award-winning group.

And she-- we lucked up with.

They kind of just took me in.

I'm a professional gospel singer and Christian artist,

and, you know, sing every single weekend.

So I'm excited to be on set with them

and to be acting with the best in the whole industry.

ANGELA WHITE: She is just highly anointed vocally.

This woman of faith is--

we're just so blessed to have her.

She's a big part of the film.

Her first acting role, and she just knocks it out the park.

People are going to be just overjoyed when

they see Amber Nelon Thompson.

This is a great college, Mommy.

But it's so far.

Hi, my name is Jaci Velasquez, and we

are behind the scenes on the film, "A Question of Faith."

ANGELA WHITE: So Jaci Velasquez is a known Hispanic singer.

She's been singing Christian music for years

since-- with her father almost 20 some years ago.

Jaci, again, is another one that we're blessed to have.

This is a different role for her to play, a mother,

and she plays a mother of like a 20-year-old.

So that was different for her.

We had to age her a little bit.

And she came in and was a team player,

and does a fabulous job.

I play the character Kate Hernandez.

She is the mother to a beautiful girl named Maria.

I'm here in this orange suit, because I

made some bad decisions.

My mom told me, you know, some things not to do

and I didn't listen to he.

Did you talk to the DA's office?

ANGELA WHITE: Karen Valero is definitely

one of the bright stars out of this film.

Karen Valero has been acting now for about six or seven years.

Her most recent role was on "Orange Is the New Black."

She's playing Maria Hernandez, and I remember when she came

into the audition and when she came in and I saw her,

I felt right away she was-- she was Maria.

ANGELA WHITE: T.C. Stallings is just coming off

of the mega hit "War Room."

A devouted, devouted Christian who recently just started

even his own church.

T.C. was just such a positive light.

He plays the voice of reason, Cecil King,

for David Newman, who's played by Richard T. Jones.

We just love, love, love T.C. Stallings,

and we know the audience will find

him fascinating in this role.

It's a little different than his role

in "War Room" and "Courageous," but the audience

will enjoy him.

We just come off of a meeting with a potential contractor

for the project, but he and the pastor are both at heads.

Little pride match going on there.

And here I am, Cecil King, I'm standing in between just trying

to keep the peace.

I'm probably not the man for this.

What do you mean?

Wait a minute.

Cecil, Cecil.

So he's the last on on the list.

Regarding Kim Fields, she's a seasoned actress,

the ultimate pro, and she is a woman of faith.

There are times when I honestly

related to what Richard's character

David was going through in terms of questioning God.

The details will be different for everyone.

We're all grieving.

But we have to move on.

Everyone may not have a tragedy, but, you know,

you deal with heavy disappointment

where you're knocking on depression's door sometimes.

And so-- so for me being able to say, this is what's going on,

and sometimes I don't know where God is right now.

And so when you don't know where he

is, he might be using your squad, your village, to say,

I'm still right here.

You just need to see me or hear me or feel me

in a different way.

Come sit down, son.

Let's talk about this.

I don't know what I would have done if either one of them

were there.

You would do the only thing a pastor and devoted servant

of the Lord would do.

Pray with them.

Pray for them.

I know how and when God speaks to me.

It's right in the pit of my stomach.

And when I do not listen, I know.

Donna Biscoe's another seasoned pro.

She recently just came off of "Hidden Figures"

and "Girl's Trip," and she's been around

for a very long time.

She's currently on two TV shows, "The Saints and Sinners"

and "Greenleaf," and she just, to me, just embodied

the role of Patricia Newman.

She gives a sound advice in the movie.


Me and my guys, all my guys, that guy, this guy, my new guy,

my other new but great guy, we here about to record--

rehearse and record some music for "A Question of Faith."

(SINGING) I try to [INAUDIBLE] find out for myself.

God will.

Yes, God will.

Keep the faith.

God will.


My name is Nelson Jackson the third,

and I am the music supervisor and the associate producer

for "A Question of Faith."

Nelson and I've been working together since 2013,

so this is probably like our eighth collaboration together.

Right now, we're at Turner Chapel AME,

and we're getting ready to rehearse

a few songs for one of our scenes with a choir

that we put together.

NELSON JACKSON III: Majority of our musicians our LA

based, even the strings.

The live strings LA based as well.

So-- but as far as like our core bass, keys, drums,

they pretty much go everywhere we go,

because they are instrumental.

Not that anyone else couldn't perform,

but we have such a tight relationship and a chemistry

they were able to pull it off exactly how we needed it.

I'm excited to be a part of this amazing movie

to play with these amazing musicians.

It's been a blessing, been here working with some friends,

old and new.

And we're prepping for the big scene tomorrow,

the church scene, in which I really feel God's presence here

and it's gonna-- it's gonna be a mighty time.

We gonna have a good time today.

That what we gonna have.

In the Lord.

This is my first time running through it.

So we're gonna run through it, and then we're going to do it.

So I better nail it.

(SINGING) Hey, hey, hey, I wanna say--

Thank you Lord for all you've done.

ANGELA WHITE: We have done every genre.

He plays most of the instruments on this film

and the sound track that will be coming out.

We-- we are so blessed to be working with him.

We have a great working relationship.

Him and Amber Nelon Thompson just

fell in love the first time the saw each other.

Filming today multiple scenes with the choir

that Nelson Jackson found and brought them to the set.

They're incredible, and they learned all the music.

And I was fortunate enough to be able to sing on all the tracks.

Of course, this is my comfort zone today.

I'm in my comfort zone.

I'm singing so I love it.

(SINGING) Let me hear you say, love, love.


You've got to turn back to your faith, your trust,

and your belief in the Lord.

You got to accept the fact that God has a plan for all of us,

young, old, doesn't matter.

I mean, one of the things that drew me to this script

was the story of how God's love and forgiveness can really

be what people lean on and turn to to get through crisis.

And how mutually these three families,

at the end of the day, kind of use that to find salvation

and to get to where they need to be.

So she could go to prison.

Well, if the DA elects to charge her as an adult,

she'd be a very old woman before she gets out.


But you know, it's in God's hands now.

And he's going to get us through this.

You know, if your mother dies, if your child dies,

if your job is over and you don't

know how you're going to pay for groceries.

You don't know how you're going to survive--

it's a natural reaction just to ask, why.

And then when you ask this question out loud,

who are you talking to?

You're talking to the universe and whatever in the universe

is for you, whether it's Allah, whether it's God, whether--

whatever your faith is, it's just natural.

And I think a lot of times that lets

us know that God does exist, because things do work out.

And one day He is going to reveal

what that reason is and somebody is

going to be so blessed by you.

There's a few times where it's not

so much I've been reluctant to His will as much as I've gone,

how'd this happen?

How did I get here?

I planted these seeds and got this fruit.

In fact, do you deliver?

Because I have a group of prayer warriors

at the church who would tear this stuff up.

I'm not sure if we still do that.

Our owner, Kate Hernandez, she's not here right now.

And her daughter Maria did the deliveries,

but she's not here anymore.

So I'm not sure if we still do that.

I'm sorry, Maria?

Maria Hernandez.


Do you know her?

ANGELA WHITE: This whole project has favor on it.

As most projects you have, there's

all kinds of ups and downs and twists and turns with it.

But I think once we started shooting our live church

scenes with almost 2,000 people in the room,

we knew it was an out of body experience for the cast

and crew.

A lot of the crew has never even been

in an African-American church, a mega church like that,

so that was their first time experiencing so many people

shouting, rejoicing, and worshiping.

At that point, the cast knew it was real, too.

We really couldn't be acting anymore.

They had to actually be a part of the service and embody one.

We know this film has touched people's lives, among the cast

and crew, and so that's the best blessing.

Sometimes tragedy strikes and happens.

And instead of running toward God,

we get so angry that we can't run away from him fast enough.

Internally, we have to first embody

what we're talking about.

And so once we go and then now promote this film,

people externally now receive and feel our energy.

And everybody that we have shown this film to for the most part,

has said, wow.

This film's anointed.

I don't know what I just saw.

I haven't seen anything this good in years

where I can feel an impact off the screen to this film.

We have had many people say, I want to get my personal life

in order.

We have, again, social themes in here

that are applicable to everybody's life.

SISTER ROSE PACATTE: Some of the themes that really resonated

with me were, of course, grief and healing

from grief, forgiveness, the whole idea of being an organ

donor and the importance of that to give life for others, even

in your sorrow.

I hope people will take that away

with them, that generosity.

This is a film all about the heart.

When you see it, you'll see why.

It will also talk to you about love and friendship and mercy

and forgiveness, and how people can

look through life through the lens of love

versus the lens of race.

We're starting to see the emergence

of so many multicultural churches, which

is fascinating for me.

Growing up in historically all African-American churches,

you're now seeing a lot of churches

with all different cultures.

And I think we're really starting

to work our way towards a more multicultural society.

I think churches should be on the forefront

of encouraging people to start to learn another person's


And historically any time there is unrest,

the churches are usually the first ones out

there speaking against it.

So I think the churches have done a good job.

I think a lot now-- it's up to people

individually to start implementing

what's already been taught.

NELSON JACKSON III: But what we have

to learn how to do, even as African-Americans,

we have to sometimes be the one that becomes proactive

and start the healing process by forgiving, and then showing

people who we really are.

So with this film, I believe that it's

going to really show people that you can forgive somebody

in spite of what they've done.

And how bad it is that they've done it,

you take the initiative.

You forgive.

And as we'll see, you know, in the film,

because of the forgiveness that this family offered

the people that offended them in a-- in a certain light,

that person was able to really accept something

that they probably couldn't accept for themselves.

It speaks to your heart.

It speaks to your soul.

It speaks to your spirit.

And it will challenge your perspective.

Just hug me, because it's--

it's such an-- a beautiful story of unconditional love.

It hit me.

Like, if you've got unforgiveness in your heart,

you're going to question your faith.

And forgiveness heals everything.

It heals your mind.

It heals your soul, heals your body.

If you are looking for a film that

will help you to reconnect with your faith,

let this be the one.

"A Question of Faith" is phenomenal.

Please go see it.

I'm going to go and see it a couple of more times

and bring all of my friends and family.

Definitely going to spread the word,

and, you know, get my church family

to go and tell everybody about it.

Did you like the movie, Parker?


Look out for all the fun--

Hello, love.

I'm Kim Fields.


--and the tension.

You thought I was a sophisticated [INAUDIBLE]..

Go ahead.

I have you fooled.


And the joy--

I'll be the one fanning her.


--and the miracles.

It's on.


To be a blessing to so many people

means to empower other people to have success in their lives.

And that is the gold standard in this film

we want people to have.

C. THOMAS HOWELL: Their faith in the Lord

and turning it over to the Lord is what gets them--

gets them through it all and helps

them see the light of day.


(SINGING) We will never--

All the answers can be found right there.

WOMAN (SINGING): --we are gonna make it.

Yes, we will.


We're gonna make it.

This is Richard T. Jones, and this is "A Question of Faith."

WOMAN (SINGING): --make it.

Oh, we knew we believe.


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