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Behind the Scenes on 'A Question of Faith'

Behind the Scenes on 'A Question of Faith' Read Transcript


happens when a member loses someone,

and they need God's word to bring them comfort?

Who's going to give it to them?



We have one family's in desperate need

of an organ transplant.

You have another family who's going

to deal with a serious tragedy.

You have another family who is the catalyst of the tragedies.

So what happens when you have three families completely

broken who don't know each other?

They fall.

In this film, we try to show you how to build you right back up.

Even in the worst times that God's got you.

And the reason why we say families discover

God's grace, love, and mercy, they

each have to go through a journey

to understand why these events happened.

Last one.

Ready to go.

(SINGING) If you believe on the Father.

The Son.

And the Holy Ghost, call Him up and tell Him what you want.

Can't stop praising His name.

I just can't stop praising His name.

I just can't stop praising His name, Jesus.

The movie stars Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields, C. Thomas

Howell, who plays a man who does have some race issues, Renee

O'Connor, who plays his wife.

We have Jaci Velasquez, the Latino singer.

We have TC Stallings from "War Room."

And we have GregAlan Williams, who's currently on "Greenleaf."

My character is a pastor turning over his church

to his son, and tragedy strikes.

And my character becomes the spiritual center

for that family.

In playing these spiritual leaders for you, I mean,

is that something easy for you to tap into?

Is it something you grew up with, or what is it?

It's easy because I honor it.

I remember those ministers.

Bishop [INAUDIBLE] and Bishop Goodman, and those folks,

and Pastor Crawford.


of the answers to our good fortunes

and our suffering can be found right there in His word.

When I read the script, I thought it was just

such a dynamic story.

And the fact that it was faith friendly, but not, you

know, just hitting you over the head with it

and not being shy or soft about very strong issues and topics,

you know.

And things that, just because you're a person of faith,

doesn't mean that you don't go through a lot

of difficult moments in life.

DR. MOORE: Eric has suffered a traumatic brain injury.

JUDGE: I'm remanding you to the juvenile detention center.


I promise that I will do everything I can to save him.

The only thing me and Theresa have been doing

is trusting in the Lord, and look where it's gotten us.

I don't want your promises.

I want a second opinion, and that's exactly what

I intend on getting.

When I read the script, I thought

it was just a phenomenal script in since of storylines.

And then selfishly speaking, to be able to create or breathe

life into a character like Theresa,

where she's got a lot of dramatic moments

and really challenging issues.

I think this film is definitely needed

from the standpoint of some of its predecessors,

like "War Room" and even years ago, "Fireproof," what we're

clearly seeing that people of faith or people

that tap into their spirit, their spirituality,

that they want inspiration.

And they want relatable characters and very

real situations and circumstances.


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