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'This Entire Island Is Flattened,' but Light and Hope Begin to Shine for Desperate Puerto Ricans

'This Entire Island Is Flattened,' but Light and Hope Begin to Shine for Desperate Puerto Ricans Read Transcript

These are the latest views of Puerto Rico,

a dire humanitarian crisis.

But rays of hope are emerging.

GARY LANE: Much needed US government

help is starting to trickle in.

The Trump administration was criticized

for not acting quicker, but a little known law

known as the Jones Act prohibited foreign flagships

from moving relief between US ports.

And now that President Trump has waived the law, actually

moving food, water, and other supplies

is getting to Puerto Rico.

But moving them to the worst hit areas

is proving extremely difficult.

Many neighborhoods are flooded and roads impassable.

And a week after Hurricane Maria hit the island as a Category 4

storm, people are still without electricity and water

is in scarce supply.

People are waiting in long lines for gasoline

to power their generators and vehicles.

Very few gas stations are open.

Operation Blessing's David Darg was

on the ground in Puerto Rico earlier this week

before the recent flow of government aid

started arriving.

I talked with Darg who said the island has been devastated.

DAVID DARG: It's just one of the worst disasters I've ever

seen in terms of the scale.

The Haiti earthquake was horrific.

The death toll was huge, but it was fairly localized

in many respects.

Whereas here, you have an entire island--

and this is a big island.

Look at it on a map.

This entire island is flattened.

Operation Blessing is working with the only functioning

bakery to provide bread for Puerto Ricans.

This sign reads the first 700 families

will receive free bread thanks to the help of Operation

Blessing of Virginia.

And let there be light.

Residents of this neighborhood lived in darkness at night

for more than a week.

No longer.

OB has given them solar powered lights.

San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz helped distribute the lights

and showed people how to operate them.

She told this man it provides light for eight hours.

CARMEN YULIN CRUZ: And all of a sudden,

you get that spark in people's eyes.

You have children smile.

The community starts getting noisy again.

And people start claiming back their streets.

It's not a cube of light.

It's a cube of hope.

A blessing in disguise said Mayor Cruz.

One child was excited, because she could read again at night.

And her neighbors, fellow Americans

who received the solar powered lights,

expressed their gratitude.

[INAUDIBLE] Gary Lane, CBN News.


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