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Christian Ministries Praying for Lady Gaga and Other Celebrities in Hollywood

Christian Ministries Praying for Lady Gaga and Other Celebrities in Hollywood Read Transcript

A number of celebrities in Hollywood

have recently opened up about the pressures and problems

that come with fame.

Pop music icon Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, and singer Fergie

are just a few who are sharing their personal problems.

But several ministries in Tinseltown

are sharing the gospel with people who live there

and who work there.

Karen Covell of the Hollywood Prayer Network

joins us now to talk about their mission

to pray for the lost in Hollywood.

Karen, thanks for joining us today.

Thanks for having me.

Well, first of all, what's your

take on Lady Gaga and Fergie's recent revelations

about mental pressures that come with fame

and even seeing demons?

Well, for both of them, it's not something new.

It's something that they've been dealing with for a long time.

I think they've just come to the point of realizing

that if we aren't open and honest about what we're all

going through, that other people can't relate

or we have less chance of healing.

And so I give them both great credit

for being bold and being open about what

they've been going through.

I think we've seen this in waves in our society,

when people started opening up that they've got cancer

or they're opening up that they've

got physical issues or mental issues.

When Michael J. Fox opened up about Parkinson's, I

think that was really, really brave

and starting a new trend of vulnerability.

So I give them great credit for that.


Well, talk about the pressures in Hollywood and the toll

that it takes on people in the business.

Well, it's incredibly competitive here.

It's very difficult. If you're not working,

you're trying desperately to pay your rent, figuring out

if you're doing the right thing, if you need to give it up.

The arts, especially in our country,

when there's not a lot of support for the arts,

is a very hard place to be.

And then, when you get to the place of celebrity,

it gets even more difficult. People think being a celebrity

is so exciting, but it's really more

of a curse than a blessing.

You can't live a normal life.

You can't be open about who you are.

You have to have an image that everybody

likes and is comfortable with, instead

of being open about who you really are as a person.

And so on both ends of the spectrum here,

it's a tough place to be.

There's a lot of struggle.

I think a lot of spiritual battle.

I think we're in one of the most influential cities

in the world.

And it's a tough place to live and work.


Well, Karen, Christians can be negative towards celebrities

because of their lifestyles and the messages they promote.

Does that ever get in the way of them hearing the gospel?

Oh, all the time.

The reason why I started the Hollywood Prayer Network

was more for the church to have a different attitude

about Hollywood, even than for the people in Hollywood.

Because my heart grieves that Christians around the country

don't support these people, who give them their culture, who

give them their entertainment to really influence

their views on life, because of the projects they do.

And yet the church is negative.

And it doesn't understand that these

are creative, smart people who are offering the gifts

and talents they've been given, whether they know that from God

or not, to offer entertainment for the world.

And what we do is we cut them down

and we boycott them and we tell them

they need to act a certain way, instead

of having a heart to appreciate who they are

and praying for them as people so that they

can experience God's love and God's support and comfort

and joy.

That's a great point, Karen.

And how is Hollywood Prayer Network

praying for and ministering to celebrities in Hollywood?

Well, we don't just minister to celebrities.

We minister to everybody.

And we have three groups of people that I had a heart for.

One is the church on the outside,

to change their attitude, to pray God's blessings

on these people.

The second group are the Christians

here, to build community, to feel like they're not alone,

to understand that they can't do it alone

and that they need other people around them for support

and prayer and encouragement.

And then, for the people who don't know the Lord,

to reach out and love them, regardless of what level they

are in the industry, to say that there is a hope, that there is

a sense of joy and peace that they can have,

by just loving these people and getting to know them

and seeing no difference between believers and nonbelievers,

but knowing we're all in it together

and we need each other.

And our love for people is what really makes the difference.


And can you share a quick testimony

about the impact of your ministry?

Well, I'm grateful for it.

I'm grateful that we're seeing the community of believers

in Hollywood grow by the thousands.

We now know of over 10,000 committed Christians

in Hollywood.

And there are even more, we just don't know them yet.

And we're seeing we can build relationships with people

and learn from those who don't know the Lord

and be able to share our love and our faith with them.

And I'm also starting to see some Christians

on the outside saying, oh, I shouldn't judge those people.

I should be praying for them.

I think I get it.

So on all fronts, I'm encouraged and I'm just here

to show up and see what happens.

It's a long haul, but it is encouraging.

I believe we are going in the right direction.

And I think I'm doing what I need to do

to be a follower of Jesus.

And finally, Karen, how would you

encourage Christians to pray for people in Hollywood?

I want Christians to stop judging

and stop thinking that people who don't know the Lord

should act like the way they do.

Because they don't know any difference.

The biggest impact I want Christians

to have on our industry is to understand influence

and power of it and to pray for those creating culture,

to pray for the believers here to get a sense of strength

and encouragement and not feel beat up back home,

because they don't think that we should be here.

And also to pray that the people who

don't know him will get a chance to do that,

will build relationships with believers,

will have miracles happen in their life,

where they can find the unconditional love of the Lord.

And so the believers are on the outside of Hollywood

are important to help us make a difference.

And we don't want them to make our job harder.

We want them to come alongside and see that we're here,

not only to use our gifts and talents as believers,

but to share the love of Jesus with other people.

And we need that support from the outside to do that.


And I love the fact that you guys have a monthly calendar,

a prayer calendar.

And each day of the month, you are praying

for someone in the industry.

Can you give us a real short snippet

of what that's all about?


We have a calendar where we--

there are two of them.

One is the Hollywood Prayer Network

does a kids and teens prayer calendar,

to get young people to pray for the people who they're watching

and listening to with music.

And then, there's also a calendar

that Master Media does that is a daily calendar

of cultural influencers and media

professional industry decision makers.

And we offer that and send that out

as a partner to Master Media with these calendars of saying,

take somebody every day and pray for them.

Pray that they can experience the love of God,

that they can get into community with loving people

and to have some hope.

So between the two ministries, we do reach out to the church

and say, help us.

Come alongside of us.

I also have a monthly prayer letter

I send out of ways to be praying for Hollywood every month

from the Prayer Network.

If you just want to email us or let

us know on,

you can get on our monthly list and we

give you insight each month to be

how to praying for the world's most influential mission field.


Karen Covell, thank you so much for your time

and your insights today.

God bless you for the work that you're doing.

Thanks so much, Charlene.

Have a good day.

You too.

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