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Los Angeles Dodgers Connect Player's Faith With Fans

Players tell us why it's important for them to share with fans publicly and together, about the Christ that's impacted their lives. Read Transcript

Amid the Los Angeles Dodgers heightened playoff surge,

Dodger Stadium transforms into a makeshift sanctuary

banding together players and fans for Christian Faith Day.

You know, every year it's a special day,

because it kind of collides with baseball and Christianity.

Christian Faith Day, is that significant for any reason?

Well yeah, I mean, we definitely

make a point once a year to have a day like this

where we can all come out and share

to those that want to stick around and listen

to our message.

Three time Cy Young award winner Clayton Kershaw and five

time all-star Adrian Gonzalez serve as co-hosts of the post

game gathering.

It's part of, you know, I think

what Jesus would want us to do.

For us, it's incredible to just be able to share the gospel

and talk about what God has done in our lives.

If someone hasn't heard of Jesus or if someone hasn't

talked to anybody about it, that we

might open the doors about what Jesus is about in our lives

that might affect some people and have God work in our lives.

I know that God gave them this platform for a reason,

you know.

And they're using it for good.

My children will know that they can accomplish

all things through Christ.

You know, put it all out there for Him,

have that relationship.

And stay in prayer.

Stay in the Bible.

And you know, when you have that focus on Jesus,

everything else takes care of itself.

Players encourage fans through their message.

And Crowder, a Baseball Faith Day regular,

inspires them with his music.

Singing songs that I believe are truth.

And I think when you encounter truth,

something turns in the chest.

And we are getting the opportunity

to be able to show love.

An organization like the Dodgers and players

that are giving themselves to make a day like this happen,

it's just, it's a good thing to be a part of.

To not just connect as a fan, but as

a part of the body of Christ, how

cool is that for you up there to connect

with them at that level?

It was exciting for me, one, to see

how many people were here.

I men, you got two levels of fans and supporters

and followers of Christ that are out here

to be a part of such a great thing that's going on.

And then look towards Jesus Christ

has always been a great thing.

And this is something to remind people of that.

They will come publicly before thousands of people.

And what they say and how they live their lives, how

they play the game, and they're not afraid to profess Christ.

They're brave and they're strong enough to do it.

We look up to these guys as players and the testimony

that they follow God too.

Articulating the gospel publicly,

what does that do for you?

You read the Bible, and Jesus talks

about being able to be bold and speak up and just

talk about why He came to earth and died on the cross for us,

you know, as for our salvation.

And helping one person to be touched and blessed

and you know, draw a little closer to Christ

and it makes it all worth it.


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