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Kingdom Women Activate: Propel Women Inspires a Generation

Kingdom Women Activate: Propel Women Inspires a Generation Read Transcript


NARRATOR: It's not your grandmother's women's


Propel Activate is a day of worship, fun, and truth.

And on this day, it brought hundreds of women

from 19 states and 300 churches to Woodbridge, Virginia,

seeking to tap into their passion, purpose,

and potential.

If you take a look behind me, you

see women are lining up in large crowds of every age,

every different background.

And they're here for two simple reasons, to be inspired,

and to learn God's calling for their life,

right here and right now.

We are in a fight.

We do not battle against flesh and blood,

but we fight against powers and principalities.

We need to elevate this fight off people,

and get it onto the devil.

And begin to wield the weapon of our warfare, which

is the word of God.

NARRATOR: Prepare Activate conferences

are popping up all over the US.

It is not only for inspirational messages

from leaders like Sarah Jakes Roberts, Beth Moore, and Lisa


It's also to hear from ladies just like them--

from home-schooling mothers, to artists,

to record company executives.

Propel co-founder Christine Cain says

the idea formed when she noticed a generation of women slipping


And I began to see that we were starting

to hemorrhage a generation of young women out of the church,

because we weren't really speaking to where they were at.

We were speaking to only predominantly

a stay-at-home mother.

And yet, there were young women that were going to college,

and were educated, and were single for a lot longer--

women that were single again.

And I just started to think, you know

what, we've got to not hemorrhage a generation

to secular feminism.

But we need to raise up a generation.

NARRATOR: She says there's a whole group of women

uniquely positioned to do good in God's kingdom.

And the Lord spoke to me out of Matthew Chapter 9,

where he said pray to the Lord of-- the harvest is plentiful,

but the laborers are few.

Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers

into the harvest.

And that word "send forth" in the Greek is [INAUDIBLE]----


And I felt just a prompting.

And during my quiet time--

Christine, I want you to propel women into the harvest field.

And so many-- they're in college and university.

They're in the political sphere.

They're doctors, and they're lawyers.

And they're teachers, and they're entrepreneurs.

They're out there in the harvest.

You need to equip them to be salt and light in the harvest


NARRATOR: Propel women are greeted online

and on social media with inspirational verses, videos,

and articles.

Cain hopes all Propel women, stay-at-home mom

and corporate CEO alike, come away

with a sense of unity and vigor for what they can accomplish.

Let's tear down walls and build bridges.

And whether you are a stay-at-home, home-schooling

mother of five kids, or you're a corporate CEO,

or an entrepreneur, or anything in between,

let us cheer each other on.

And say, God has gifted us all uniquely to reach our world,

in our generation.

And let's be one anothers' greatest cheerleaders.

NARRATOR: That message of passion, purpose, potential,

and unity is spreading-- one city

at a time, one woman at a time.

Amber Strong, CBN News in Woodbridge, Virginia.


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