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'This Was a Horrible Situation': Security Expert says Shooter Picked Spot to Do Maximum Damage

'This Was a Horrible Situation': Security Expert says Shooter Picked Spot to Do Maximum Damage Read Transcript

It's the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

Sunday night, a gunman in a high-rise Las Vegas hotel

unloaded on an outdoor country music festival

below, killing at least 58 people.

More than 500 were hurt in the attack.

Chief Chris Mitchell of the CBN Regent Campus Police Department

joins us now to help us process this.

Welcome, Chief Mitchell.

Thank you.

Thanks for your time.


Thank you.

We appreciate it.

Authorities say the gunman killed himself and had

as many as 10 guns with him, including rifles.

What do you make of that?

And does that mean that he possibly had help?

Well, first and foremost, our heart goes out to the victims

as well as to the entire city or to our entire nation.

But in respect of that, apparently, he

had plenty of time to amass the weapons that he

did have within the hotel room.

As far as how much ammunition, all the things that he did

have-- that's yet to be found part of the investigation.

How does someone like that get all of those weapons

into the hotel room in the first place?

Shouldn't there have been security checks

along the way of some sort?

Well, I'm sure in any hotel situation,

if you're carrying in luggage, you

can hide weapons in luggage.

You can break it down and put it into your bags

and carry it up to your room.

And apparently, he had already checked in and been there

for a few days.

So he had every opportunity to go back and forth

and bring more ammunition and other weapons as well.


All right.

The sheriff says a check of federal and state databases

showed that the suspect was not on the radar of authorities.

How can civilians be more vigilant

about a possible danger in their midst?

Well, it really just comes down to awareness and vigilance

on our part of being aware of our surroundings

and trying to pay attention to those that may appear

to be troubled or with issue.

In this particular case, it seems

like the gentleman was showing no definitive signs

of any definitive or significant problem, which

is very difficult because it could be the person standing

right next to you.

And you never know.


Well, what do you advise people to do if they find themselves

in a situation like this?

How do they protect themselves?

How do they protect others, those around them?

This was a horrible situation.

He had angle for firing.

He was elevated.

So it was just like in a shooting gallery.

And he just started sweeping the area.

So for the people that were there,

it was pretty much duck and cover as much as you could

or try to evade from the area.

But then knowing exactly where those rounds were coming from

was difficult, as well, because of all the pandemonium

that was taking place.

In this situation, many of the people

did exactly what they should have done.

And that was duck and get as low as possible to the ground

and try to find some source of cover to protect themself.

Within a confined area like that, that's, of course,

difficult because then you get to the stampede effect,

where people start running and they

start trampling each other.

And I'm sure many of the injuries that were sustained

are part of that effect.

Suppose the situation was not like that

and the suspect was not above, just

any kind of shooting kind of situation.

What do you advise people to do?

Well, the first obvious thing is to try and find cover

and to get away from the incident or the circumstance

and go to the safest place that they

can find, wherever that is, even if it's in a mall,

it's in a store.

Go to some place that has some level of hardening.

What I mean-- like bulkheads or walls

that would separate you from a shooter.

And lock yourself in.

Duck and cover.

And call emergency services as immediately or as quickly

as you can.


All right.

And if a shooting breaks out, what should your first reaction


First reaction should be-- is to duck and cover or try

to evade.

You don't want to, obviously, approach

a suspect in that situation.

It all depends.

That's such a fluid question because it

depends upon the proximity of where I

am in reference to the shooter.


Well, finally, you are also a pastor

in addition to being the chief of police for Regent and CBN.

Do you mind praying about this situation

and praying for those involved?


I just ask the viewers to join us as we pray.

Father, in Jesus' name, this horrendous circumstance--

it was pure evil.

So Lord, we ask for your righteousness, for your love,

and for your mercy to avail in this circumstance.

Rally our hearts to minister to those

that their lives have been snatched away from them,

from the family members, from the husbands, the wives,

the aunts and uncles, and the entire families that

have been impacted and hurt by this circumstance,

to the victims, as well as to those that are injured.

And Lord, we also pray for every first responder.

The reality of this circumstance,

the carnage that they had to encounter,

has to be horrendous.

So Lord, we pray for your grace and for your love to just touch

them and minister to them.

And Lord, help our nation to heal--

not only heal from this circumstance,

but heal from the divisiveness and the things

that we face as a nation to bring us

back together in more of a community of love and respect

and honor.

In Jesus' name, amen.


All right.

Chief Chris Mitchell of the CBN and Regent Campus Police

Department, thank you for your time today.


Thank you.

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