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'Light Is Rising Up': Church's Love Shines Bright After 'Sin City' Massacre

'Light Is Rising Up': Church's Love Shines Bright After 'Sin City' Massacre Read Transcript

In a place often referred to as Sin City,

we now see an entirely different side of Las Vegas

as people here turn to God following the deadliest

mass shooting in US history.

It was just gunshots and gunshots and gunshots.

And a guy fell behind me.

And he was covered in blood.

My boots are covered in blood.


is where 16-year-old Lynette Martinez

finds peace in her pain.

I see people coming together as a community I see people--

my heart is warmed by the many people that are coming together

right now, even at this church.

And it's just amazing.

It's a tough one.

It's a tough one.

And I know our hope is in Christ but we're human and we hurt.

And we need help.

STEPHANIE RIGGS: Pastor Benjamin Perez just

celebrated the 14th anniversary of Church Las Vegas

and invited four other Las Vegas churches

to unite in a city prayer for the shooting victims

and their families.

The city did stand out.

And it did come together and unify

despite what's painted on TV and despite what

we think what Vegas is.

They call it Sin City but I call it Sincere City

because we're really sincere about the ones that

need family and need community.

STEPHANIE RIGGS: This is the Las Vegas we never

hear about on the news.

But now, these churches are turning up

the volume to drown out the slot machines and bright lights.

They are determined to bring comfort to their hurting city

during this devastating time.

And in this city full of darkness, light is rising up

and the city is being transformed.


Because people are stepping out and saying,

no way evil will not prevail in this city.

We're going to rise up with love.


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