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Uber Driver's Part-Time Job Fuels Full-Time Calling to Ministry

Uber Driver's Part-Time Job Fuels Full-Time Calling to Ministry Read Transcript

Kenneth Drayton is in the business of sharing the gospel.

And one day, he hopes to do it from a pulpit.

But for now, it's from the front seat of his car.

Caitlin Burke takes a seat for the ride.


How are you today?

CAITLIN BURKE: Good, how are you?

I'm doing well, thank you.

Beautiful day in New York.

CAITLIN BURKE: Kenneth Drayton drives

for Uber in New York City.

It's a part-time job that lets him

practice his full-time calling.

Any believer, any spirit-filled believer,

their number one priority is a commitment to the mission

of God and to the purpose of God, on a daily basis.

CAITLIN BURKE: Kenneth says he's always

been involved in ministry and hadn't really considered

this other line of work.

My oldest son said, why don't you try--

dad, why don't you try Uber?

You know, it's pretty decent income.

It's a pretty decent amount of money.

And at the time, I said, well, you know, I said, I don't know.

But then I looked into it.

And that what it required in New York City

is you need a TLC license, Taxi Limousine Commission.

And it was kind of an expensive process.

But then one day, I was eating in a buffet in Brooklyn.

And a voice--

I encountered a voice that just said to me, go and get

your TLC license.

And it was clear.

It was loud.

And I looked around to see if anyone else at the buffet

heard that.

And it stood up in me.

And I said, OK.

I said, I perceive that this is the voice

of the Lord speaking to me.

So I obeyed.

CAITLIN BURKE: After a year behind the wheel,

he's pretty sure it was divinely appointed.

Many of them coming in and out of my car

was perplexed, had issues, had concerns.

And for some reason, I perceived that a lot

of these individuals, God was sending to me.

From the time a passenger slides into Drayton's backseat

to the moment he drops them off, he

says the Holy Spirit is present and guiding the conversation.

It's an awareness.

It's an inner ear.

It's a wisdom, most of all.

The Bible makes that clear also, that he that wins souls

is wise.

CAITLIN BURKE: Kenneth has no agenda other than obeying God.

Sometimes that means talking to passengers, sometimes

that means staying silent.

Either way, he trusts that the true winner of souls

is at work.

God has many people working in the vineyards.

So some water, some plants the seed, and depending

on what they need is that God sees fit,

and the Holy Spirit will determine how that seed grows.

CAITLIN BURKE: Kenneth doesn't expect

to be an Uber driver forever.

But as of now, he hasn't been called to anything else.

I don't think Uber is the main focus.

I think the main focus is God's divine will.

CAITLIN BURKE: Caitlin Burke, CBN News, New York City.


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