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Your Questions, Honest Answers: - October 3, 2017


Time for your questions, honest answers,

and Pat this first one comes from a viewer who says,

"If we're married or in a relationship down on earth,

will we still be in that same relationship when we get

to heaven-- as long as the couple are both believers?

What do you think?"

Well Jesus was talking about that, he said,

look when you're in heaven you neither marry

or given in marriage, but you're like the angels.

Well, the angels are asexual, they

don't reproduce because they live forever,

so there's no need for them to have babies and no need

for them to have husbands and wives.

So I think in heaven you're not going

to have that relationship, you won't have a body,

you'll be a spiritual being, and that's

what Jesus said, you be like the angels you neither marry

or given marriage, so I just quote him.

All right.

That'll do.

All right.

This is Kaye who says, "Are card games in any way demonic?

What about gambling card games?"

Well, I think-- to anybody gambling-- look,

you're looking at somebody who was up to his eyeballs

in gambling in the old days.

The thing that's wrong with gambling

is that you are tempting God every time you

try to pull an inside straight or you're trying to get a flush

or you're trying to get a full house

and you just need one more card to make it and you push

all that money across the table and you're asking God,

in a sense you're tempting Him to do something

and that's why gambling is sin.

As far as throwing a quarter into a slot machine on the way

out the door, I mean, who cares.

I mean, that's-- it's no big deal.

And no, playing cards are not demonic

and I don't invest it with anymore than you have to,

just realize why there's something wrong about it

and that's the only thing that's wrong with it.

All right.

This is Julie who says, "John 3:16 says,

'For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son,

that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish,

but have everlasting life.'

What does the word 'believe' mean in the Bible

with respect to salvation?"

Well, "believe" there in the Bible means the same thing

it does everywhere else.

Belief is committal, you're committing yourself

to somebody.

They tell the story about the man who

is going across Niagara Falls on a tightrope

and he was in a barrel and he said to this-- the audience,

do you believe that I can go cross

on this tight rope in a barrel over Niagara Falls,

and a number of people said, yes we think so.

And he looked at them he says, I believe it.

He says, OK, well, you come get in the barrel.

And I mean, you wanted to get in the barrel,

I think that's what it amounts to.

I mean, Is your belief something that which

you would take positive action about it, would you

commit your life, would you commit your total

being to the Lord.

That's what, whoever believes in him-- that's what it means.

All right.

This is a viewer who says, "Is it

a sin to watch movies, music, and TV shows that use God's

name or Jesus's name in vain?"

You know, in Hollywood it's gotten so that they use Jesus


just as much as I would say, good morning.


I mean, it's just that--

really is terrible.

They don't talk about Mohammad, You don't hear them say--

Not twice.

Yeah-- holy Moses or something,

but it's always Jesus Christ.


And that they don't realize that this is

an affront to an evangelical.

What sin and is it wrong to do that--

I think if your spirit is grieved

when you hear this stuff, then turn it

off and don't watch it--

just that simple.

All right.

This is a viewer who says, "The majority of Christians

I spoke to said they've never heard

an audible voice from God, but it

was more of a thought or idea that came through their minds.

How do we know when it's God speaking and not just something

we think up ourselves?

I don't think I've ever heard God

speak, but don't know if I mistook it

as my personal thoughts.

My thoughts can be random, so it's ordinary for an idea

to come out of the blue."

Sometimes God will speak so clearly

that you know it's his voice speaking like, "Do this."

He spoke to me about something--

particular individual he said, "Fire him."

I mean, He did just like--

That clearly.

That clearly.

But usually it's a still, small voice--

it's an impression inside.

What does the Bible say?

Those who by reason abuse have their senses exercised

that they can discern good from evil

and I think that's what it is--

it's practicing the presence of God and that's it.


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