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Students Bring Faith Back into the Classroom With 'Bring Your Bible to School Day'

Students Bring Faith Back into the Classroom With 'Bring Your Bible to School Day' Read Transcript

In a time where religious freedoms are questioned

in every arena and prayer is being challenged

on so many campuses nationwide, one group of students

is determined to let their light shine.

This Thursday, more than half a million

will share their faith in Christ by bringing their Bibles

to school.

Candi Cushman is Focus on the Family's spokeswoman for Bring

Your Bible to School Day.

Candi, thanks a lot for joining us.

It's great to be with you.

Thank you.

Candy, tell us about how Bring Your Bible to School Day

encourages young people to share their faith?

Well, this is an event that is a visual reminder to students

of their basic right to freely live out their faith

and the fact that they're not alone.

There are thousands of students joining with them

all across the nation.

And groups like Focus on the Family

are standing behind them, praying for them with support.

And so on this day, they can practice their basic First

Amendment rights by taking a simple action,

just bringing their Bible to school

and talking about it with friends.

And this is a way for them to not only express

their faith, their hope in God, but also

to help protect religious freedoms

for every student that's going to walk in that school

door behind them.

And is there a particular age group

that you're focusing on with this day?

You know, the good news is that students from kindergarten

all the way up to college are doing this

and have done this every year before.

This is the fourth year of our event.

And it's Thursday, October 5th this year.

OK, and how are you getting the word out?

Because obviously, a kindergartener is probably not

going to be on your website.

How are you doing this?

So not only are we getting the word out

to teens but also to the parents of younger students.

You know, we have some great stories

from even kids as young as kindergarten

taking their Bibles to school and just

reading it out loud with their friends at recess.

So it's pretty amazing to see that happening.

So if you're a parent of a younger student,

you can go to the website,

And we've got age-appropriate participation guides there.

We have an elementary guide and a teen guide,

as well as information for parents and pastors

that just want to come alongside and equip their youth

to participate.

And what do you tell parents who say,

you know, I'm not really sure what my child's legal rights

are in terms of bringing their Bible to school

and sharing their faith?

You know, we hear this all the time

that people don't know that students have that basic right

to bring their Bible to school.

The students themselves tell us, until I saw this event,

I thought my Bible was banned.

And that's just not accurate.

And the good news is, is that we have several decades

of federal court rulings.

This is a well-established constitutional right

that kids can bring their personal Bible to school.

They can have it on their desk during free reading time

and read it during free time.

And they can talk about it with friends during free periods,

as well before and after class.

As long as they are not disrupting instruction time

and they are being respectful of that

and they're also being respectful to their peers,

this is about having conversations and just freely

expressing your faith in a peaceful and respectful way.

OK, so the parameters are basically

if it's a student's free time before

and after class, recess, that type of thing,

then they are well within their legal bounds?

Yes, and that's because the student

is expressing their faith as a private citizen.

That's different than the teacher or the principal that

is a paid government employee at a public school

and represents the government.

The students, by contrast, do not represent the government.

They are not speaking on behalf of the government.

And that means that they have very powerful free speech

and religious freedom rights, a lot more

than adults in a public school.

And so that means Christian students

have a powerful opportunity to shine God's light

and share God's hope with their friends.

You were saying you've been doing this for a couple years.

Have you had any students who have encountered resistance

bringing their Bible to school?

Yes, but the good news is in every instance

that I know about that they've shared with us,

as soon as they showed them the Bring Your Bible to School Day

memo that explains their rights to participate,

that was all they needed to do.

For example, we had one student, Brittany,

that had her Bible on her desk during free reading time.

And her teacher came up and said,

I'm not really sure if that's allowed.

But as soon as Britney showed him the Bring Your

Bible to School Day information, the teacher just

said, OK, and just walked off.

You know, that encouraged her.

It's encouraging the students when they see that happen.

Because the very next thing she did is go to lunch

and read the Gospel of John with friends

because she was so excited.

I do have this right.

So it's very powerful, powerful for them

to see their rights being acknowledged

and then to realize that they can share about God.

They can share the gospel.

All right, well, Candi Cushman with Focus on the Family,

thank you for your time.

And we'll be interested to see how Bring Your Bible to School

Day goes this Thursday.

That's it.

And you can check out

You still have time to sign up and participate

and be a part of this.

OK, great.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.


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